Cantilever Rack Supported Sheds

T-Shed Rack Supported Structures

Provide the least expensive alternative for covered yard storage. The center column supports steel trusses that extend beyond load arms to provide shelter from sunlight and moisture. T-sheds can be supplied with a single or double sided roof structure.

Single Sided T-Shed Rack Supported Structure

Single Sided T-Shed

Drive-Thru Single or Multi Lane Rack Supported Structures

Protect customers and inventory from inclement weather utilizing trusses to support a roof structure supported by columns.

  • Protect customers and inventory
  • Perfect for lumber or plywood storage
  • Can be supplied with or without roofing materials
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Can be built in stages as your needs grow
  • Columns as high as 48′
  • Footing or concrete slab design assistance available
Drive thru Cantilever Rack Supported Structure with Roof

Drive Thru Cantilever with Roof