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Clear Span Steel Mezzanine

Clear Span Mezzanine

Pallet Rack & Steel Shelving Supported Mezzanines

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Pick Modules

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Installing a mezzanine is one of the most economical and practical ways of increasing useable square feet and maximizing existing space.

Benefits of Steel Mezzanines

A pre-engineered steel mezzanine is a superior alternative to a wood or welded steel structure for several reasons:

  • The system is free standing therefore existing structures do not need to be altered to support the mezzanine
  • Steel framing components are prefabricated so that onsite cutting and welding is not necessary, saving time and costs
  • Often footings can be avoided in an existing building situation
  • System to meet all applicable building code requirements
  • The system goes up in a fraction of the time compared to conventional construction
  • All systems can be designed to be single or multi-level and constructed around existing building obstructions

Applications Ideal for Custom Steel Mezzanines

We offer several different construction methods for various applications and budgets. With almost unlimited capabilities, we have the ability to span over 20’ between support columns and have supplied multi-level systems 30′ high. We have designed and supplied mezzanines from 32sf to over 14,000sf with design loads ranging from simple office space to heavy materials storage.

  • Office Mezzanines
  • High density parts storage
  • Storage Mezzanines
  • Equipment access platform
  • Manufacturing Mezzanines
  • Machine Stands
  • Trade show mezzanines
  • Catwalk Systems
  • Observation Mezzanines
  • Adding on to existing systems
  • New construction and additions
  • Support platforms