Pick Module Steel Mezzanines

A pick module designed and applied properly creates the most efficient high volume case picking and small parts distribution system available. A pick module can combine pallet racking, case flow racking and conveyor to move products from the inbound stage, to order selection, to the shipping dock through a dynamic interconnected system. Following a full review of your needs and using the latest technology available we can ensure an economical design that meets your particular needs.

  • All Systems custom designed
  • Unmatched attention to detail when designing the system
  • Can incorporate push-back and flow rack
  • Single, double or triple + level systems are available.
  • Full or split case picking can be supported.
  • CAD drawings and simulations provided with each pick module proposal.
  • Custom powder coated finishes available.
  • Maximize the vertical space in your distribution center.
  • Improves throughput and efficiency for a wide range of applications.
  • Systems can be designed to expand as your business grows.
Steel Mezzanine & Pick Module System

Pick Module and Engineered System

Steel Mezzanine, Case Flow Rack & Conveyor Systems

Showing Case Flow and Conveyor

Steel Mezzanine, Case Flow Rack & Conveyor Systems

With Case Flow and Conveyor

Steel Mezzanine used during construction

Under Construction