Rack Supported Structures

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Cantilever Rack Supported Shed

Cantilever Rack Supported Shed

Pallet Rack Supported Coolers & Freezers

Pallet Rack Supported Coolers & Freezers

Other Rack Supported Buildings

Other Rack Supported Structures

Additional Options
In a rack supported structure, racking (pallet rack or cantilever) acts not only as the method for storage but also as the support structure for the walls and ceiling of the building. These structures can be installed inside an existing warehouse or designed and built as an exterior structure.

Benefits of Rack Supported Buidlings

  • The rack and the building framework are the same structure.
  • No building columns to interfere with your storage.
  • Installation is done in a fraction of the time of standard construction.
  • Engineering and Architectural time reduced.
  • Designed to meet or exceed all local building codes.
  • Can be designed work in your existing warehouse without building modifications.
  • The system may qualify for accelerated depreciation.
  • Optimizes Space utilization while minimizing footprint (storage/sq. ft.)

Applications Ideal for Rack Supported Buildings

There are an unlimited number of ways a rack supported structure can be utilized in warehouse, distribution and manufacturing facilities. To date, the largest rack supported structure we have completed is 125,000 SF and the smallest is the size of a large closet.

  • Cooler or freezer exterior structures
  • Drive thru building materials storage
  • Lumber storage
  • High density dry storage
  • Climate controlled storage warehouse
  • Maintenance shop