Choosing Which Type of Mezzanine System is Best for You

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Installing mezzanines is one of the best ways to increase usable area without moving operations to larger facilities or leasing additional space. They enable you to utilize unused vertical space, making your cramped warehouse space more efficient in a cost-effective manner. When shopping for mezzanine storage systems, you will come across a number of options: […]

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Top 5 Things to Know About a Mezzanine

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Mezzanines, also called equipment platforms, are built within a companies’ existing building footprint, utilizing unused vertical space to build up, thus creating additional storage, production space and employee housing when combined with a modular office. To learn how a custom mezzanine could help your operation, let’s explore their benefits: Increased Space One of the best […]

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3 Tips for Mezzanine Safety

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For businesses that are constantly expanding and need to accommodate an ever-growing number of employees, installing a custom mezzanine can be a useful addition as they add valuable floor space at a fraction of the cost of building or relocation. However, while these mezzanines are a perfect solution to create new space, it’s important to […]


How A Mezzanine Can Benefit Your Business?

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Warehouse Mezzanines: What Are They? A warehouse mezzanine, also referred to as raised equipment platform, provides one (or more) raised floor levels that are installed between the ceiling and floor. Typically, these steel structures are free-standing and don’t require any additional support. They can also be dismantled and moved quite easily. Mezzanine systems usually compose […]


Mezzanines Increase Storage Space for Safe Product Storage

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Storage is something many businesses need to be concerned about. They’ll want to ensure everything is stored safely and easily accessible when they need it. One way to ensure everything is stored properly is to invest in Mezzanines. These equipment platforms add another level to the warehouse to allow more goods to be stored without […]




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