Unarco Wood Filled Pallet Rack

Unarco’s Wood Filled Pallet Rack Upright Columns Provide Maximum Stability

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Since warehouse environments can be extremely demanding – depending upon the type of inventory being held – a combination of add-ons can be used to make the pallet racking system more safe and durable. Wood-filled upright columns, combine two different materials to provide extra support, and therefore are widely used in many facilities with pallet […]

Uniform Loads

The Importance of Uniformly Distributed Pallet Loads

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Pallet Racking systems are an excellent way to maximize the storage space that you have available in your facility. Several things need to be taken into consideration when designing your rack system, such as what you want to store, the dimensions of your pallet loads and the amount of space you want to cover with […]

Pallet Rack Spacers

The Importance of Pallet Rack Row Spacers

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What are Pallet Rack Row Spacers? One of the most popular pallet racking system accessories, row spacers are placed between uprights to create consistent spacing between back to back pallet rack rows. Not only do they help to create a uniform look within a warehouse environment, but also provide stability to pallet rack rows for […]

Anatomy of a Pallet Racking System

The Anatomy of a Pallet Racking System

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Are you looking to install a pallet racking system in your warehouse, but don’t quite know where you need to begin? As you probably may know already, having a properly designed pallet racking system not only improves storage density substantially, but also reduces the overall cost of handling materials within your business. While it is […]

Pallet Rack Beam

Understanding Pallet Rack Beam and Upright Capacities

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There are several types capacities that must be considered when you are installing a pallet racking system, upright capacity and beam capacity being two of them. For safe, efficient and trouble-free rack operations, it is important to have a proper understanding about these capacities. Beam Capacities Beams are comparatively straightforward and easy as almost every […]

Applied NW Handling Material Handling, Storage Systems and Pallet Racks

Always Consult the Experts before Reconfiguring or Redesigning Your Pallet Rack System

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Have you been considering re-configuring your pallet rack beam levels? As business operations change you may find yourself in need of re-configuring your pallet racking system. Doing so without the consultation of a professional might create an unsafe condition—here’s why. Why Consult the Experts—They Know the Specs Pallet racking is designed and installed to ensure […]

Uniformly Distributed Loads

The Importance of Uniformly Distributed Loads

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When designing your pallet racking or metal shelving systems, it is also important to take into account the weight of the items you want to store. After all, you have to make sure it can bear the load without compromising its stability. Once the pallet racking or shelving system is designed and built, the spread […]

Pallet Racks Seattle

Safely Loading Your Pallet Racking System

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Loading your pallet racks is not just about weight and structure. The density, shape, dimensions, size and placement of the load is also critical to safe and effective warehouse storage. Capacities of both pallet rack and wire decking are usually based on uniformly distributed loads. If your loads are not uniformly distributed, the original deck […]




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