Carton Flow – Case Picking Pallet Rack

Designed for the picking of individual cases or items. Cases are hand loaded, and they flow down the gravity rollers, then products are hand picked from the discharge end. The primary benefit is high density storage with products presented to pickers. Typical applications are in a distribution or manufacturing environment with overstock pallet storage above the case pick access.

  • An ergonomic efficient option for case picking
  • High density storage
  • Full or split case picking can be done
  • Roll tracks are set in either pallet racks or freestanding support frames
  • Existing racking can be easily retrofitted
  • Flexible and simple installation
  • Full width rollers, skate wheel decks, and plastic roller tracks
Full Width Roller Carton Flow Pallet Racking

Full Width Roller

Snap In Roller Track Case Picking Pallet Rack

Snap In Roller Track