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4 Creative Examples of Modular Offices

Modular Office

Picture grabbing a bucket of your son or daughter’s legos and perfectly crafting your dream office. That’s the idea of modular design.

Modular design is a method where things are created out of independent parts with standard interfaces. Hence, business professionals can craft their own modular office.

Businesses and professionals utilize modular design in office buildings, malls, hospitals, cafeterias, and manufacturing and distribution plants.

Co-founder of Airbnb–Joe Gebbia– has even taken on the art of creating modular furniture.

Modular office designs can range from elaborative, out of the box, structures, to simple supervisor plant offices, to clean rooms, to security guard shacks. Here are a few examples of modular offices all around the world showing the scope of what they can be used for.

D38 Zona Franco Office

D38 Zona Franco OfficeMezzanines offices are a type of modular office that focuses on administrative and operations solutions. They are platforms that create space by utilizing unused vertical space.

Colleges and universities, Plants–industrial and manufacturing, and storage companies like Uhial benefit from mezzanine offices.

Barcelona welcomed the idea of modular design with the D38 Zona Franco.

The D38 Zona Franco is a modular office structure in Barcelona designed by Japanese architect Arata Isozaki.

Part of a larger office project called DISTRITO 38, this masterpiece is equipped with two and three-story structured mezzanines.


TECNO FAST ATCO RENTAL OFFICEThe Techno Fast ATCO Rental Office in Santiago, Chile is a repurposed modular office that was awarded for its unique design by the Modular Building Institute.

This rental office that comes equipped with meeting rooms and kitchen facilities, each one made to resemble a portable office.

The Clean Room / Environmental Enclosure Modular Office

The Clean RoomEnhanced with product control, upgraded safety equipment, and limited waste issues, the clean room/environmental disclosure is another example of a modular office.

Clean room/environmental enclosures are perfect for isolated environments that must steer clear of contaminants.

Hospitals, diagnostic labs, and medical assembly businesses would benefit from the model.


Security Guard Booths

Security Guard ShacksSecurity guard shacks are modular portable offices. They can be transported to and from any entrance or exit of a business based on the needs of the company.

Guard booths are economic jewels for businesses like Disney Land, Soldier Field, LAX, and the IRS. Installation costs are cheaper and they require little maintenance.

Modular offices are the adult version of Legos. Business owners can construct and reconstruct with ease. They also have flexibility in creating office space.

More personnel space means more room for overhead cranes, metal shelving, and storage cabinets.

Modular design offers businesses economic building solutions. They are far less a financial strain than traditional construction. Because modular offices are not usually considered permanent structures, they most often are considered capital equipment or depreciable personal property, which can be depreciated over a period of 5 to 7 years, versus a 39 year period if they are considered permanent structures.

Sustainability is another feature of modular office design, as modular material can be reused and upgraded. Modules cost less to replace than reconstruction.

Modular office design is the future.

Check out our modular offices to find out how your business can take advantage of the world of sustainability.

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