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When you’re looking for a versatile solution that creates more space for your stored inventory, mobile shelving can be the ticket. When used in the cannabis industry, mobile shelving gives you better accessibility to your plants, improves organization, and is ergonomically sound. If you are based in a facility that has limited space, mobile shelving can be a real win for your company. Why? Because mobile shelving is designed to compact together which can save floor space by up to 50%! With just one push of a button your shelves will either open or close. It’s truly a great storage system to have.

In this article, we are going to touch base on the advantages that mobile shelving units can have on the cannabis industry.

So, What Really Is Mobile Shelving Anyway?

You probably already know that static shelving units sit firmly on the floor. They do not move. This can be an OK setup in most situations, but it does limit your storage options. Mobile shelving, on the other hand, is placed onto moveable carts that are attached to floor tracks. This creates a way for the shelves to compact together when they aren’t being used. Instead of having an aisle in between each row of shelving, you will only have one or two.

Imagine the space you will save with mobile shelving! In all actuality, you’ll save up to 50% floor space while still being able to house the same amount of inventory. Things like ergonomics, accessibility, and organization all improve with mobile shelving, especially in the cannabis industry.

Summary – Mobile shelving frees up floor space, improves accessibility, heightens organization, and is ergonomically sound.

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How Mobile Shelving Works

The process is really quite simple. Mobile shelving works by turning a handle or pushing a button, depending on the model that you have. The aisles will snugly compact together when not in use. If you need access to each row of your cannabis inventory, simply press the button or turn the handle again and the specific aisle of shelving that you need will reopen. You can also open multiple aisles at once, if you choose to do so. You’ll always know which aisle you need because they are clearly labeled. This allows for efficient access to your plants.

The Two Modes Of Operation

Mobile shelving systems are available in two modes of operation: Mechanical assist and Powered.

Mechanical Assist: A three-spoke handle moves multiple aisles of metal shelving at one time by easily turning the hand crank ergonomic handle. The handle is equipped with a safety lock that is manually activated to ensure the well-being of users while they are standing in open aisles. Many find this model of mobile shelving to be appropriate when activity is low and users are few.

Powered: Most businesses, like the cannabis industry, prefer powered mobile shelving as it is the easiest and safest to operate. There are no manual hand cranks but rather push-button controls that anyone can comfortably maneuver. This model is equipped with automatic sensors to detect any movement in the aisles and will instantly stop all motion until the aisles are safely cleared. If your industry requires many users, high activity levels, and the storage of products that need extra security, powered mobile shelving is a great option.

Summary – There are two modes of operation of mobile shelving: Mechanical Assist and Powered. Each uniquely benefits different levels of activity and security.

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Benefits Of Mobile Shelving Systems

When it comes to the cannabis industry, mobile shelving has many advantages over static shelving. Let’s take a look at some of the most common benefits:

  • Saves Space – Reduces or increases floor and storage space by up to 50%, depending on how you look at it
  • Economical – Eliminates unnecessary aisles, lighting, heat, and HVAC costs
  • Increased Organization – increases growing capacity
  • Flexible – Shelves can be modified, moved as needed, and allow for multiple tiers
  • Versatile – Possibilities of what can be stored are endless
  • Deters Theft – Aisles are compacted together when not in use which makes pilfering much harder

Summary – Mobile shelving systems come with a wealth of advantages that benefit any industry, especially cannabis.

Mobile Shelving Options

One of the many great things about mobile shelving systems is that they can be custom designed to fit your industry’s needs. It really doesn’t matter what you are storing because this type of shelving can accommodate just about anything.

The cannabis industry is rife with delicate plants and plant parts. This industry requires special accommodations for such inventory. Mobile shelving accessories can provide a safe way to store cannabis so that it is always accessible, organized, and never compromised. A product such as cannabis is at risk for theft so having lockable rolling shutter doors or lockable drawers intensifies security and makes pilfering less likely.

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Shelving options and accessories include:

  • Reference shelves
  • Drawers
    • Lockable
    • Pull-out
    • Media
  • Pull-out reference drawers
  • Hanging files
  • Dividers
  • Specialty hanging racks
  • Special sized compartments
  • Lockable rolling shutter doors
  • Garment rods
  • Perforated panels

Summary – Mobile shelving systems are able to be custom designed according to your storage and security needs.

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