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Pallet rack supported structures act as both storage racking and as the structural integrity of the entire building itself. The racking units are covered in a durable material in order to keep the inside of your facilities safe from fluctuating variables like temperature and moisture. Working with an experienced company like Applied Handling, NW will help you save on project costs and time by assisting you in deciding if a pallet rack supported structure is right for your operation.


There are several advantages to choosing a rack supported structure. The Small Business Balance tells us that companies can reduce their costs and improve the efficiency of their warehouse by maximizing space utilization. So these particular structures do just that by improving storage and organization of materials.

The design of these structures allows for racks to reach the very top of your facility, allowing you to utilize all square footage available while also minimizing your footprint. The multiple frame structure also acts as a sturdy shield in bad weather conditions and can even withstand heavy winds and snow.

Because the racking and structure are built simultaneously, the overall construction of the building can be completed relatively quickly. The quick erection time combined with a hybrid use of the materials, a rack supported structure can end up being a smart financial decision for your company.

Not only will you minimize your building time, but the time and money spent on design, engineering and architectural planning before the build even begins is also going to be less expensive with a pallet rack supported structure rather than a traditional build simply due to the design concept.

Best Uses

There are a number of ways your business can benefit from a pallet rack supported structure. In addition to some of the most popular applications, such as manufacturing facilities and distribution warehouses, these structures are an excellent solution for high-density dry storage and cold storage companies.

Custom building materials are also available, making businesses like climate-controlled storage warehouses the perfect candidates for a rack supported structure as well. Keep in mind, however, that these structures may not be the perfect solution for all of your structural needs. Once they are constructed, they are not easy to reconfigure, so if your facility requires a manufacturing or distribution area as well, another structural solution may be right for you.

Make an Informed Decision

It is so important to make sure you have done thorough research before deciding on which structure is the best solution for your business operations. If you are ready to seek out the benefits that a pallet rack supported structure can offer you, contact us or call us today to talk to one of our knowledgeable staff.

Here at Applied Handling NW, we are dedicated to making sure you have all the information you need to make the right decision. Due to our wide selection of building materials and structure designs, we are confident we can set you up for success. Keep us just a click away on Facebook to stay in touch with our latest innovative industry solutions.