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When it comes to automotive shops and stores, efficient storage space is imperative. From inventory to tools, the automotive department has a lot of parts and pieces that need an appropriate place to rest. These parts and pieces range in size and shape. From the smallest nuts and bolts to large, oddly shaped auto body materials, the automotive industry has them all. So, where do you store all of this inventory? You certainly can’t expect these parts to fit on a one-size-fits-all cookie cutter shelf.

Metal shelving is a leader in the automotive storage department because they are able to accommodate the unique demands of these types of parts and accessories. The most commonly used types of automotive metal shelving are industrial open & closed sides and backs and boltless. Each style serves its own purpose in the automotive field. One of the best qualities about these metal storage solutions is that they are adjustable to make a place for big, small, and oddly shaped parts.

This brief handbook will give you a better look at the two types of metal shelving options as well as their accessories so you can make an informed decision on which model works best for your automotive storage needs.

Types Of Metal Shelving Systems

As mentioned, there are two popular types of automotive metal shelving options available. Let’s take a look at these types and the benefits of each one.

automotive metal shelving

Industrial Open & Closed Metal Shelving

Basic and perfect for general purposes, open metal shelving is a great selection for the automotive industry due to it being open on all sides, including the back. This shelf comes with sway braces to keep the structure safe and stable. Shelves such as these are often more cost efficient than other models.

Closed Industrial Metal Shelving

Closed metal shelving sports closed sides and an open back. This style of metal shelving is supportive and offers a more finished look for end rows. It is also affordable. Most folks opt to place these industrial shelving units in a back-to-back fashion or along support walls where the wall acts as the shelf’s back. Bracing can be added for more stability.

There are also models that come with closed sides AND backs. This type of automotive metal shelving provides the most stability and product protection. Over the other two types, this one is better for storing loose parts and looks the most aesthetic.

Boltless Metal Shelving

If you’re looking for quick and easy assembly, boltless metal shelving is something worth checking out. Not only is this shelving easy to put together but you can also dismantle it in record time. The storage needs of your automotive business will continually change and boltless metal shelving helps make these transitions easier.

The components of boltless metal shelving are very basic and include beams, posts, and t-posts for joining shelving together. There is no cross-bracing required which makes this model of shelving accessible from all four sides. Installation of this type of shelving is very easy and only requires a rubber mallet.

automotive metal shelving

Most Common Places for Industrial Automotive Metal Shelving to be Used:

  • Distribution Centers
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Retail Stores
  • Supply Rooms
  • Archive Record Storage Rooms
  • Backroom Storage

Summary – Open & Closed and boltless automotive metal shelving is the most commonly used models in the industry.

Small, Large, & Custom Parts Storage

Each of the two automotive metal shelving units are able to be customized and adjusted with dividers and drawers. These small additions make room for all sizes of parts and accessories. As aforementioned, the automotive industry includes parts that are small as screws to larger items like vehicular batteries. Metal shelving units are available in many different styles and weight capacities, to accommodate the individual needs of your business.

Flex-Bin Metal Shelving (with dividers)

A closed style industrial metal shelving unit that features adjustable sliding dividers. You’ll be able to access small parts and storage items with ease. The dividers adjust horizontally and are self-locking. They can be raised or lowered without disturbing the contents on your shelves.

High Density Drawer Industrial Metal Shelving

If you need a more efficient storage solution, high density drawers are a great option. These drawers can be added to closed style industrial metal shelving units. Partitions and dividers can be installed in a number of combinations. Each drawer features full access of contents, soft cushion impact, ball bearing slide suspension, varying heights, and labeling areas for easy identification of contents.

Summary – The automotive industry has all shapes and sizes of parts to accommodate. Metal shelving dividers and drawers make this possible.

Specialty Storage Racks

Flex-Bin and High Density Drawers can be mixed and matched in both open & closed and boltless shelving. This helps you create custom-designed metal shelving to accommodate large, bulky, and oddly shaped pieces and parts. When it comes to automotive metal shelving, there is a lot of flexibility.

automotive metal shelving

Custom Designed Metal Shelving is Most Commonly Used For:

  • Battery Storage
  • Tire & Wheel Storage
  • Bumper Storage
  • Long Parts & Molding Storage
  • Sheet Metal Storage

Summary – Drawers and partitions help create custom-made metal shelves to ensure an ideal place for large, oddly shaped parts.

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