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Could an automated guided vehicle be a great addition to your business? Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are highly useful in a variety of businesses, industries, and applications. Whether you operate or work in a business in the food and beverage industry, the manufacturing industry, the automotive industry, the pharmaceutical industry, or something else, an automated guided vehicle could be the missing piece for optimal operational efficiency in your company.

What Are Automated Guided Vehicles?

Automated guided vehicles, also known as AGVs, are unmanned, computer-controlled, wheel-based vehicles that are programmed to carry loads within defined paths or areas. They can run on your plant’s floor or outside on the pavement. They achieve navigation by several different means, including laser triangulation, natural feature, optical, inertial, wire, magnetic tape, and magnetic grid.

This type of machinery consists of five major components: the vehicle, the host software, wireless communication, a user interface, and a battery and charger. There is a wide range of AGV types available, included masted, unit load, tow vehicles and carts, and custom-designed.

They are found in manufacturing, warehouses, distribution centers, food and beverage companies, pharmaceutical companies, automotive companies, hospitals, and chemical/plastics companies. They provide product storage and retrieval, pallet handling, work-in-process movement, raw material movement, finished goods movement, parts and tooling delivery, automatic truck and trailer loading, and more.

Automated guided vehicles are utilized for automation applications, in multi-shift applications, for transporting consistent and stable loads over extended distances, as an alternative to manually operated forklifts, for steady and constant movement, for dispatch transporting and sorting loads, and beyond. The sky’s the limit for automated guided vehicles in business operations.

How Your Business Can Benefit From AGVs

Automated guided vehicles play an important role in commercial business, especially in heavy lifting, and they are known for providing dependable, automated movement of materials throughout a facility. They are safe, flexible, and efficient, which are goals in every business’ operation. They are great for reducing labor costs and can handle a variety of load types and movements.

When in use, automated guided vehicles increase accuracy, increase flexibility, reduce labor costs, and increase safety. They reduce picking and shipping errors, reduce labor costs by up to 100% – plus eliminate overtime and turnover costs, and reduce accidents and damage to equipment.

Whether you can utilize an automated guided vehicle for work cell to work cell movements, manufacturing to warehouse movements, picking to shipping, long haul transportation, or something else, you will love the benefits of incorporating an automated guided vehicle in your operation.

We Can Help You With Automated Guided Vehicles

When you are thinking about implementing automated guided vehicles into your business’ operation, we are here to help. Let Applied Handling NW be your guide in determining how to improve areas of your business with an automated guided vehicle and increase efficiency, safety, and flexibility of your day-to-day operation.

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