Don’t have enough space in your office or facility? Are your important documents piling up in a haphazard way? When you go looking for specific documents, do you have a hard time finding them? The usual shelves in our offices can only store so much. Many businesses are now looking for increased storage solutions because there is simply not enough space to archive documents or store other goods.

One of the most widely popular solutions includes mobile shelving that consists of a number of rows of shelves that move along the ground on rails. The rows remain compactly closed, with only a single aisle between two of the rows of shelving. The important difference between mobile shelving and standard shelving units is the amount of real estate used by both types of shelving units.

Standard shelving requires an open row in the middle of two rows of shelving, but with mobile shelving that is not necessary. Mobile shelving systems can either reduce the storage space needed by 50% or double the amount of existing storage space, depending on whether you are trying to save space and/or gain space.

Now you might think that moving the shelves would be quite an effort, but that’s not the case. By simply turning a handle or pushing a button, the metal shelving rows will compact together when not in use. Then when you need to access a specific row, you turn the handle or the push the button again, which allows you to move multiple rows at a time, so you can access the row of shelving you need. Each row is clearly marked, so you can quickly go to the row that contains the documents or goods you need.

Why should you think about making this investment? Well, there are many benefits of mobile shelving, maybe a few of these might help you decide.

Maximizes Shelving Capacity

As we mentioned earlier, storage space can be hard to come by. By utilizing space properly, mobile shelving increases the maximum capacity to its optimum level, allowing you to get capitalize on every square inch of space you have.

Operates Silently and Smoothly

There might be a concern about these types of shelving units being noisy to operate, but anyone who has used mobile shelving can tell you that they are not. The shelves move quietly along the rails, provided that the system is properly maintained.

Reduces Number of Required Aisles

Because there is no space between the rows of mobile shelving, it takes up less space than standard shelving. This means that in a room that is outfitted with two rows of standard shelving, has the capacity to store 4 if you use mobile shelving. If you need to reduce the amount of space your shelving is taking up, but still need to store the same amount, this is your solution.


This type of metal shelving system can be used to store a wide variety of goods. In addition to storing files and records, they can also be used to store electronics, athletic equipment, library books, museum items, and much more. The possibilities are endless.

Accessories such as drawers, dividers, hanging files, garment rods, etc. are also available.

Reduced Pilferage

Because the rows of mobile shelving remain compactly closed most of the time when not in use, it makes it much harder for things to disappear from the shelves.

If you think that mobile shelving might be a solution for you, contact your local material handling distributor to discuss your options.