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Warehouse System Design  •  Engineering  •  Permitting •  Installation Services

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Warehouse System Design  •  Engineering  •  Permitting •  Installation Services

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Cantilever Rack: Pallet Racking for Challenging Items

cantilever racks

If your business is in the business of storing items that are unusual in size or shape, then cantilever racks may be the perfect pallet racking option for you. Typically used to store long building materials, such as lumber, piping, and bar stock, these versatile shelving systems are an excellent choice for keeping your ever-changing merchandise safe and secure until it is time for them to find their permanent home.

Why is Cantilever Racking the Right Option for My Business?

Pallet racking systems are put in place to allow you to maximize your available storage space to include vertical space. They also help your business to run more effectively and efficiently because you can quickly assess stored items.

If you find yourself frequently in need of storage for items of unique size and weight that cannot be stored on your current pallet racking system, then cantilever rack is perfect for you.

Reasons to Choose Cantilever Racks

While not an exhaustive list of reasons why cantilever racks are the right pallet racking system for your business, it will cover the reasons most frequently noted by companies who opt for this system. The list is as follows:

Ease of Installation – This pallet racking system can be installed and ready for use in a snap, making it an excellent addition to your merchandise storage systems.

Accessibility – Cantilever racks allow for easy, immediate access to merchandise while still allowing for maximum vertical storage.

Flexibility – This system can be used in tandem with your current pallet racking system, allowing you the flexibility to make this an addition to how you store your merchandise rather than completely redesign your storage system.

Versatility – Cantilever racks are easily adjusted to accommodate the needs of the products you rack.

Utilize it anywhere – Cantilever racks can be used either indoors or outside. Just make sure to notate their intended location to ensure you meet safety requirements, as the materials they are made from vary.

Types of Cantilever Racks to Choose From

There are two options for cantilever racks to suit your storage needs. They are:

Roll Formed – Designed for either lightweight or heavy-duty applications, this type of cantilever rack offers fast, easy adaptation because the adjustable arm is attached using pins.

Structural – used for medium to heavy-duty applications, this type of cantilever rack takes a bit more to adjust, as the arm must be bolted into place.

Cantilever Racks are Right for Your Pallet Racking Needs.

If your business needs to store odd or heavy items, cantilever racks are the right option to meet your pallet racking needs. Cantilever racks offer flexibility, versatility, and accessibility.

As a result, they are perfect for maximizing your vertical storage space in ways that are sure to benefit your entire working operation. In addition, they are easy to install and easy to adjust, so making cantilever racks part of your pallet racking system can be a perfect choice.

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