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Choosing the correct mezzanine for your operation is crucial when it comes to efficiently run business operations. Mezzanines, also known as equipment platforms, are a quick and easy way to increase your storage space while also making more room on the production floor.

There are several styles and configurations available on the market, all with different benefits, so choosing which is correct for your operation is important. Here at Applied Handling, NW, we can assist you with selecting the right mezzanine and materials for your facility.

Freestanding Mezzanine

Our freestanding mezzanines are the easiest of our options to assemble and disassemble into almost any operational space. They have the most universal variety of uses as well, which can span from product staging or storage of materials. When shopping for a freestanding mezzanine, it may also be helpful to know they are also referred to as structural, steel, or wide-span mezzanines.

Another important detail to consider when deciding if a freestanding mezzanine is right for you is that they are considered a depreciating asset that can offer tax benefits for your company.

Stainless Steel Mezzanine

Stainless steel mezzanines are made from food-grade materials, making them the most popular option for food and beverage processing operations. They come conveniently with pre-manufactured fabrication and combine important features such as bolt-together work platforms and closed-shape framing, which allows us to create custom designs that fit into the guidelines of the Good Manufacturing Practices.

Similarly to our freestanding mezzanines, our stainless steel mezzanines are quick and easy to install and meet all USDA, FDA, and AIB auditing food grade requirements all of which we understand is extremely valuable to food and beverage companies.

Building Supported Mezzanines

Building Supported Mezzanines are supported by your building, sometimes with the addition of support columns, as opposed to your freestanding mezzanines which are built to be self-supported. Even though the freestanding platforms offer the benefits of easy assembly and disassembly, building supported mezzanines become a more permanent addition to your facility.

This also means they will become a sturdy and permanent addition to your operation.

Rack or Shelving Supported Mezzanines

If you are working with limited space or need to maximize the storage space on the floor of your facility, a rack or shelving supported mezzanine will likely be the best solution for your business. The mezzanine platform is actually supported by racking or shelving units, providing storage underneath, as well as, on top of the mezzanine.

Rack or shelving supported mezzanines are ideal for palettes, or smaller products, and catwalks can be installed for easier access. Keep in mind, however, that if you require the pallets in your facility to be reconfigured often, a freestanding or other mezzanine style would be recommended as the rack and shelving supported mezzanines are difficult to reconfigure once the installation is complete.

Work with Trusted Professionals

It is so important to trust your facility storage solutions, such a correct mezzanine selection, to a company with the proper tools and expertise to make sure your project is completed properly. Installing the wrong style of mezzanine in your facility can cause a lot of wasted time and money. Here at Applied Handling, NW, we have over 300 years of combined experience, we take pride in setting your operation up for success the first time.

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