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How To Choose The Right Crane And Hoist For Your Operation

industrial cranes

DACO has seen a significant increase in workplace demand for industrial cranes and industrial hoists to help with material handling. This equipment can be used for lifting, transporting, and positioning heavy and large products and materials. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends using cranes and hoists as an alternative to manual lifting and handling to alleviate and avoid workplace injuries.

Many industries, such as manufacturing, distribution, and automotive, are investing in cranes and hoists to benefit their operations. In addition to reducing workplace injuries, businesses recognize that there are many advantages to using this type of material handling equipment.

What Is A Crane?

An industrial crane is a mechanism used to transport materials and products from one place to another. Our industrial cranes are not one size fits all. We know that different companies have different needs when it comes to moving and positioning products. Our cranes can move loads both vertically and horizontally, and they can be floor mounted or wall mounted.

What Is A Hoist?

A hoist is the lifting component of the crane. The product to be moved is generally attached to the hoist by a hook or other below the hook device. The hoist lifts the product, which is then moved and positioned by the crane.

We have different types of hoists for different lifting needs including manual, electric, and air chain hoists; electric wire rope hoists; and below the hook devices. Below the hook devices such as lifting beams, tongs, and pallet lifters are available to meet your specific product lifting requirements.

Advantages And Benefits To Using Cranes And Hoists

  • Cranes and hoists have ergonomic benefits. As noted by the CDC, common injuries from repetitive movements are reduced and eliminated when manual transport is replaced by equipment transport.
  • Workplace safety is increased because serious accidents are not as likely to occur when high-powered equipment handles your operation’s heavy lifting and movement.
  • Cranes and hoists can speed up production, reduce labor costs, and help your overall bottom line.
  • As previously mentioned, the variety and versatility of our equipment provide customizable options for your workspace needs. And thanks to different mounting options, our equipment can accommodate many small workspaces.
  • Cranes can often be mounted on standard floors without the need for special foundations to anchor them.
  • When material handling equipment replaces manual handling, common manual transport accidents can be avoided. The risk of product damage is then reduced because the equipment provides smooth and safe transport.
  • Cranes and hoists can sometimes replace the need for forklifts and other types of large equipment.

Using Industrial Cranes And Industrial Hoists In Your Operation

DACO will work with you to understand your operational needs and come up with material handling solutions to accommodate your business. Contact us to discuss your business and operation concerns. We will answer your questions, and help you determine the type of material handling system that will best fit your business. Follow us on Facebook to learn more about our storage and material handling solutions.

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