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Since pallet rack systems are used in warehouse environments for storage purposes, it is important that they are structurally sound in order to support the heavy loads placed on them. If they are not, it could result in damage to your stock and equipment, as well as lead to accidents and injury to your workers. The following are some common causes of pallet racking failure and how to avoid them.

Common Causes of Pallet Rack Failure

  • Incorrect Pallet Racking Design – with so many different types of pallet racking systems available, it is important that you work with a material handling expert to determine which system is best for your operations and that it is built to the correct specs including weight capacities, seismic codes, etc.

  • Poor Installation & Assembly of Pallet Racks – once you have designed your pallet racking system, make sure you have an experienced and reputable professional install the system for you.

  • Improper Loading & Unloading of Pallet Racks – make sure you are using the proper equipment to load and unload your goods and that the loads are evenly distributed on the racking.

  • System Overload – pallet racking systems are designed based on the type, size and weight of the goods being stored on them. Weight capacities are then determined per beam level and bay. It is imperative that these weight capacities are not exceeded, as it could cause the pallet rack to become unstable.

  • Uneven or Unstable Facility Floors – the floors of your facility are the foundation for your pallet rack system. If they are uneven or unstable, you are starting off on the wrong foot from the get go. Testing should be performed during the design process to ensure they are level, the correct thickness for your specific seismic zone and stable enough to handle the weight of your pallet racking system.

  • Forklift Driver Negligence – make sure your employees are properly trained and certified on your forklifts. Carelessness or negligence on their part, can have catastrophic results.

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