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Warehouse System Design  •  Engineering  •  Permitting •  Installation Services

Warehouse System Design  •  Engineering  •  Permitting •  Installation Services

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Common Modular Office Styles

modular offices

Modular offices are a smart and efficient way to create a custom office or add additional space to an existing warehouse, which can provide a more open workspace but also increase employee health and well being. Modular offices are quick and easy to install, with minimal interruption to your productivity or daily business operations.

With so many styles of modular buildings available, it is highly recommended that you work with an experienced company to help you choose the right solution for your space. DACO has over 300 years of combined material handling industry experience, and we will work with you to design a custom modular office that will meet your specific requirements. It is our pleasure to assist you from the start of your project until the very end.

Administrative And Operations Offices

Having your administrative and operations offices located exactly where you need them within your facility is crucial for improved productivity. A modular office is a perfect solution to bringing employees closer and have them start communicating easier. A custom operations office offers executives and managers a wide view of operations to keep everything running smoothly. Thanks to our innovative and custom designs, our modular offices are quick to install.

Clean Rooms And Environmental Enclosures

Modular office solutions are a great way to create a clean room or environmental enclosure for a manufacturing plant or laboratory. Our modular building solutions and can provide the perfect safe space with controlled air conditions, temperature, and other variables that you may need to keep consistent for your work.

Guard Houses And Prefabricated Buildings

DACO has endless solutions to your guard house or other prefabricated modular building needs. Our buildings come ready for immediate use, pre-wired, and are easy to install. We offer options such as various windows and door styles, customer shelving, electrical and lighting, and climate control heating and cooling options. Not only will using a modular building verses traditional construction save your business money but if you anticipate needing to change its location at any time, our durable buildings can be built with fork pockets for easy transportation.

Machine Enclosures

There are several important reasons to consider modular machine enclosures for your manufacturing business. Custom enclosures can be created to assist is regulating climate variables such as temperature and humidity, or they can provide a level of safety and restriction for machines that may be dangerous. Machine enclosures are also beneficial in eliminating noise and decreasing any distraction that noise may cause for your employees on the floor.

Shipping And Receiving Area Offices

We understand that shipping and receiving is a crucial part of the manufacturing business, and therefore it is important to provide a comfortable and isolated space for those employees to complete their tasks efficiently. Shipping and receiving offices need to be near the loading docks as well and feature large windows in order to oversee product loading operations, making customer modular offices a logical solution. Our modular buildings are also an easy way to offer a comfortable waiting room for truck drivers as well.

Look No Further

When it comes to the practical uses and applications of modular offices and buildings, the possibilities are infinite. Look no further than DACO for all of your custom storage and office needs. Follow us on Facebook or reach out to our experienced team. We are standing by to help you get started on your project today!

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