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Sometimes space can be at a premium, and with costs rising for all types of construction, getting the best bang for your buck is often tricky. One of the many ways to be cost-effective and still manage your storage space efficiently is pallet rack supported structures. With this type of a structure, the pallet rack itself acts as the skeletal structure of the building, with the building sides and roof being attached to the pallet rack to enclose the structure. They’re skeletal to allow easy placement and removal of your palletized goods. These structures are best used for businesses that use lumber yards, warehouses with a need for climate control, maintenance shops, material storage or high-density dry storage. Overall, these structures are a great investment, create many benefits and we break down why below.

Shorter Installation Time

This means that you won’t have to spend extra weeks getting all the equipment inside your completed warehouse just to build racks to hold your material. Once complete, these pallet racks are permanent so keep this in mind when placing the order for construction; you won’t be able to change your mind afterward.

Summary – Pallet rack supported structures can be made with an overall shorter installation time; remember that they are built at the same time as the rest of the warehouse.

Pallet Rack Supported Structures Put Safety First

Because the pallet rack system in a rack supported building is actually attached to the sides and ceiling of the structure, versus just the floor as with standard pallet rack systems, the pallet rack is more stable and poses less of a risk of failure. This posses less of a risk of injury to any employee or customer who might be in the way should there be a rack collapse due to exceeding weight capacities or poor maintenance.

Summary – Rack supported structures are safer due to their attachment to the actual structure of the building vs just the floor.

Better Use Of Space

This is great for the storage of materials, since you can fit more of your product or material in the warehouse without having to pay up for extra space or an extra building. Of course, having all that floor space is invaluable for removing the product from the pallet racks. Small vehicles or other equipment will have an easier time maneuvering with such clear-cut aisles. The floor also won’t have bulky, in-the-way concrete pillars helping to keep your structure standing tall, since the pallet racks do that job, too. Altogether these racks solve a bunch of problems or issues at the same time.

Summary – These racks use all the vertical space available to them, stretching all the way to the ceiling.

Lower Costs

Including everything you need into one price tag almost always makes your costs cheaper, and this is no exception. Support racks built in this way are also cost-effective because they’re extremely efficient with space; allowing for floor to ceiling, wall to wall storage. This allows you to get the maximum amount of storage space out of your facility, which helps your bottom line.

Summary – These support racks are built along with the warehouse, lowering costs.

Coolers And Freezers

When incorporating extended upright frames to the ceiling and specifically designed panel support beams, pallet rack supported buildings can easily be designed to accommodate drive-in cooler and freezers. They can be designed as to function as external or internal cooler or refrigeration buildings, as well as an addition to your existing building. These structures can be supported by any type of racking, which means you have ultimate flexibility with the use of your workspace.

Summary – Because of the extra weight that your warehouse can support due to the support racks, you can even house a drive-in or industrial cooler or freezer.

pallet rack supported structures

Alternative T-Shed Uses

This T-Shed style makes use of the ultimate stability and storage space provided by cantilever rack supports to allow you to place wood or other materials on shelves with overhead roofs that extend over the product. This can protect the product from wind, rain or other elements that might otherwise damage it outside. These rack supported structures are space-efficient and cost-effective. If your business is growing or you’re not sure how many you need, you can simply keep adding more in organized rows that take up a minimum of your working space; once again, this makes retrieval of the material by a vehicle or team of men much easier and safer than in a cluttered supply yard. They can be built with columns as high as 48 feet tall, allowing for a multitude of levels or types of storable material. If you want extra support, concrete or footing designs can be added to allow for easier material retrieval or just for extra stability, in case of very high winds or the possibility of vehicular impact.

Summary – Instead of a full warehouse, you can also use this style of support rack to store materials outside.

So Why Should Your Company Consider Using Rack Supported Structures?

Ultimately, pallet rack supported structures are a superior choice for material and product storage thanks to their versatility and multi-solution design. They incorporate existing space far more effectively than other types of racks and assist with the long-term health of your structure by adding to its support. You save money and time by building these racks along with your warehouse or other structure, which is more money you can put into other areas of the business. Finally, these pallet rack systems are safer, due to their attachment to the floor, walls and ceiling. Use pallet rack supported structures for your next warehouse or expansion opportunity. If you’re looking for someone to get you started, Applied Handling NW can assist you with your needs. As experts in these types of pallet racks, they can ensure you get the best plan for your storage facility. Contact us today and get started!


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