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Different Types Of Pallet Racking Systems: Pick Modules

pallet racking systems

At DACO, our customer service representatives understand the importance of a highly-efficient operational system. Whether business owners are primarily concerned with stocking, distribution, or loading, all of these unique processes rely on one another for top-notch functionality.

If you’re looking for ways to streamline your daily workflow, why not consider one of the most impressive pallet racking systems available—the pick module.

What Is A Pick Module?

A pick module is an advanced interconnected system that ties all of your major operations together. They include a variety of different equipment, including pallet racking systems, conveyor systems, and case flow racking.

These types of systems are ideal for companies that deal with high volume case picking and small item distribution.

Pick modules can be set-up to move products through an intricate flow of operations, including:

  • Inbound Processing
  • Order Selection
  • Packaging
  • Shipping

How Are Pick Module Pallet Racking Systems Designed?

While many other types of material and product handling products serve a single purpose, pick modules cover a full spectrum of operations. It’s essential to understand, though, that not every type of commercial or industrial facility is going to need the same sort of system.

That’s why expert warehouse design and layout technicians will work with business owners to design a custom pick module that works best for their company’s unique needs.

You will choose various types of equipment to create the system that will seamlessly move products and materials through your operational flow.

Each of our pick module systems are custom-designed and given industry-leading attention-to-detail to ensure that you receive the exact functions you’re interested in.

What Are The Benefits Of These Types Of Commercial Systems?

When a company is dealing with custom-designed products, the primary benefit is having the opportunity to create something that’s individualized to their unique circumstances. Customization, however, is not the only impressive feature in pick module systems.

These types of pallet racking systems can also maximize the amount of vertical space used inside your commercial facility or warehouse, improve workplace productivity, reduce labor costs, and incorporate various types of equipment; such as push back pallet racking and flow racking.

Our systems at DACO are also designed to grow alongside your company.

Is A Pick Module Pallet Racking System Right For Your Company?

Every company has its own unique set of wants, needs, and preferences. If you cannot find exact products to meet your expectations, why not create them?

Whether you’re looking to maximize the use of your square footage or increase workplace productivity, pick module pallet racking systems are an optimal addition to any commercial or industrial location.

Are you still trying to decide whether they’re right for your business? Give DACO a call today at 253-395-8500 to learn more about our pick module design process and the benefits these products include.

Or, you can simply fill out our contact form to schedule a free, on-site pricing estimate with our industry-leading customer services team.

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