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Different Types Of Pallet Rack Systems: Carton Flow/Case Picking

Different Types Of Pallet Rack Systems: Carton Flow/Case Picking

While there’s no denying that pallet racking systems are one of the most important parts of industrial and commercial facilities, the hard part is trying to decide which one is best for your unique operations.

DACO is an expert in the different pallet racking options available. Our knowledgeable team has put together an informative series of articles to better explain the various type of pallet rack systems available when you’re planning the layout of your warehouse.

If you’re looking to make an educated choice for your business, we’re here to help. In the first article of eight, we’ll be discussing the benefits of carton flow racking systems.

What Is Carton Flow Racking?

Carton flow racking, also known as case picking racking, is a gravity-powered, sloped pallet racking system. These types of pallet rack utilize high-grade rollers and wheels to make loading and unloading easier.

This popular pallet racking system employs the “first-in-first-out” (FIFO) method of moving and storing items. This means that when one object or carton is pulled from the rack, another will automatically slide into its place from behind.

While carton flow racking does not use electric-power, it is also one of the most simple and versatile options on the market.

This versatility makes them an ideal option to be used with various conveyor systems to improve productivity and the flow-of-operations in your warehouse.

What Types Of Case Picking Racking Are Available?

Carton flow racking comes in two common varieties: roller lanes and wheel beds.

Roller Lane Racking

Case picking racking that uses a roller lane system is equipped with full-width aluminum or steel rollers installed between two channels. These rollers move independently of each other and offer more even distribution of weight. This type of system helps prevent the rollers from leaving impressions on the cartons being stored.

Wheel Beds

With a wheel bed pallet racking system, plastic, steel, or aluminum wheels are placed between two channels on a single axis. The wheels are typically patterned in a staggered formation for improved weight distribution and to prevent carton impressions.

What Are The Benefits Of Carton Flow Pallet Racking Systems?

At DACO, we’ve found carton flow racking to be a highly beneficial option for many businesses. Not only is case picking racking a more ergonomically-efficient pallet racking system, but it also provides increased visibility and easier access to stored items.

They provide high-density storage for spaces with minimal square footage and are simple to install.

What Are The Most Common Uses For A Carton Flow/Case Picking Pallet Rack System?

One of the great things about these systems is their flexibility. They can be used in many different ways, but some of the most common include:

  • Storing Items with Expiration Dates
  • Supermarket Storage
  • Pick Modules
  • Split-Case Picking
  • Items that Sell in Large Quantities
  • Items that Sell Thru Quickly

Learn More About The Benefits Of A Carton Flow Racking System

When it comes to outfitting your commercial location with the best equipment around, a carton flow pallet racking system, or case picking racking, is an optimal solution. Give the DACO team a call today at 253-395-8500 or fill out our online form to learn more about our pallet racking products.

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