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Warehouse System Design  •  Engineering  •  Permitting •  Installation Services

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Everything You Need To Know About Conveyor Systems

conveyor systems

If there was a way for you to increase your facility’s efficiency and save time while moving your products, would you do it? If the answer is yes, then you’d definitely benefit from a new conveyor system. Conveyor systems are the quickest and most efficient way to move multiple products around your warehouse in a small amount of time. It’s great for moving heavy, bulky items and transporting items from inside of your facility to a transport truck. It saves time and increases the number of products that you can move at any given moment. And the less time that you spend moving, the more time you can spend doing something else.

What Are Conveyor Systems?

A conveyor system is essentially used to move products, pallets, and other materials from point A to point B. The conveyor systems can be made out of metal rollers or belts, and they can be gravity-operated or electrically powered.

The type of conveyor system that you choose will be based on a variety of factors. Some factors that could influence your choice include product/package sizes, product weight, materials being transported, and the layout of your facility.

What Are The Different Types Of Conveyor Systems?

Conveyor systems have a variety of applications, including assembly lines, order picking, product transportation, packaging, shipping, and many others. As such, DACO offers a variety of conveyor system types to fit your facility’s needs. There are two main types of conveyor systems and several types of systems that fall under those categories. Under the gravity conveyor system category, there is gravity roller, gravity wheel, and chute conveyor systems. Gravity systems are a popular option because they are generally the cheapest.

Under the electric conveyor systems category, there are roller conveyor, chain-driven conveyor, accumulation, sortation, pallet, vertical reciprocating, spiral incline, and decline conveyor systems. They all operate differently, but the important thing is that they are automated. Electric conveyor systems are great for moving pallets and packages quickly and with little to no manual assistance.

What Are The Benefits Of Conveyor Systems?

The four major benefits of conveyor systems include improved product flow and productivity, reduced labor, increased safety, and improved ergonomics. Conveyor systems can help you stay on schedule and move more products than you would normally be able to with manual labor.

This leads to the other benefits of conveyor systems, including decreasing the amount of labor required by workers and reducing the number of potential accidents.

Why Should I Go With DACO Conveyor Systems?

DACO has years of experience with providing quality conveyor systems to facilities across Washington and Oregon. Our electric and gravity conveyor systems are designed to help your business increase productivity and contribute to your success.

For more information on our conveyor systems and other products and services, contact us here. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to keep up with all DACO related news.

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