Automation has become an integral part of the warehouse sector. The ASRS system (automatic storage and retrieval) is a technology that is specifically designed to store as well as retrieve materials and loads automatically with high-end precision – it is fast and extremely accurate. Although these systems are primarily used in the warehouse and distribution sector, the innovation is also used in retail organizations as well as manufacturing plants.

When it comes to automated retrieval and storage systems, you can select from various functionalities and features depending on the nature of your business and your overall specifications and needs. For example, you can go with a mini load – which is designed to manage small containers and pallets. The mini load system retrieve and store light to medium weight loads in units. It handles pallet loading, small container loading, it transfers and sorts vehicles, etc.

The significance of the ASRS system must not be underestimated. With this technology, you will be able to save plenty of operating space in your warehouse, not to mention you will also be able to increase your overall productivity.

Benefits of ASRS Technology

  • Minimizing Operating Costs

ASRS technology will help minimize your overhead and operating expenditures – helping you to reduce the costs associated with additional labor. It will allow you to reduce your labor force, but still be able to increase your productivity, while maintaining a safe working environment. Moreover, you will also be able to save a lot of money ensuring the safeguard of your inventory as well as its storage.

  • Boost in Efficiency

Another really amazing advantage of this system is that it will propel your order processing, shipping, sorting, packing and selection processes – helping to make all these vital activities quick and error-free.

A lot of data and information is required when it comes to inventory reconciliation – moreover, this data and information must be accurate and precise to avoid critical discrepancies and loss. The ASRS technology will provide you with critical analytic data when you’re performing inventory reconciliation. Through the software, you will be able to find out where all inventory is stockpiled, the names of the companies that supply these products and the time of their storage. In other words, you will completely be able to eliminate the strenuous and counterproductive task of undertaking frequent inventory processes.

  • Reducing Costs Associated with Poor Handling

With the ASRS system, it will help reduce costs associated with damaged inventory or components as a result of poor handling or mismanagement. Moreover, there are a lot of other factors involved that can increase this risk – for example, miscalculations, accidents, transit collisions, etc. The ASRS technology is designed to be fast and precise, but it is also designed to handle your inventory, supplies and materials safely and gently.

Contact your local material handling expert if you want to learn more about ASRS systems and how they might help improve your operations.