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There aren’t many options available to warehouses that store long, oddly-shaped and awkward loads.

With a limited amount of space in your warehouse, maximizing space utilization is a fundamental component of ensuring a seamless operation within your warehouse.

If your warehouse is responsible for storing long loads such as timber, trusses, pipes, tubing, plywood or furniture, you’re probably aware of the difficulty involved with storing these products.

Cantilever rack systems could be the ideal solution for your business.

We take a look at the pros and cons of this type of dynamic storage system, as well as its design options and applications.


Quick and easy to install

Cantilever rack is one of the more simple rack systems to install. It consists of three main components, arms, columns and bases. Because of its simplicity, you can have your new system up and storing product in no time.

Easy access

These types of racking systems are great in the way they maximize your storage space, whilst still enabling you to easily access your loads wherever they are stored. They feature immediate, direct access to all goods.


The arms of the system are fully adjustable, allowing you to customize the length of the arms for the storage of different product types. Additional arms can also be purchased, allowing added storage possibilities for loads of all shapes and sizes.

It’s also easy to use them with other systems. Cantilever rack systems can easily be integrated into a warehouse that uses other warehouse storage solutions.


You can use cantilever racking systems in a lot of different work environments, from handcrafting to mass production, DIY store to retail distributor. They can store a large variety of items, plus the arms are easy to move, to meet your changing inventory needs.


Financial investment

Although it could save you lots of time and money in the long run, cantilever rack systems require a financial commitment, versus floor stacking. It requires the racking to be individually designed and installed to fit your specific warehouse space.

It doesn’t work for pallets

If your warehouse is storing cartons and boxes in pallets, this isn’t the warehouse storage solution you need. You’ll be better off using pallet racking or drive-in racking instead.

Design Options for Cantilever Rack Systems

Roll-formed Cantilever Rack

In this design, the arms, columns, and bases are made of heavy gauge roll-formed steel. The arms are attached using pins as opposed to bolts, allowing them to attach in seconds, making installation much faster. They can be designed for light and heavy-duty applications.

Structural Cantilever Rack

The arms, columns, and bases of a structural cantilever rack are fabricated from structural beams and structural shapes. The arms are attached to the column using a solid 4 bolt connection. These systems can be designed for medium and heavy-duty applications.


Ideal for long and bulky items, here is a list of products that could be better stored in a cantilever rack:

  • PVC piping
  • Furniture
  • Carpets
  • Lumber
  • Metal and plastic sheets
  • Doors
  • Trusses

If your business stores any of the above products, a cantilever rack could be the ideal storing solution for you. Contact us for a quote today.