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A warehouse without pallet racks is just a glorified garage. You might as well just toss your goods anywhere, without any semblance of organization.

Pallet racks are the gears and cogs that keep your warehouse efficient and productive. Warehouse efficiency in terms of labor and space is increased with a properly designed pallet rack system.

When racking components become bent, crushed, worn, or old, you will need to find replacement parts. Like a clock, the components must be specific to the brand to function properly and safely.

Here are a few of the common pallet racking brands out there, which could help you identify which brand you may have in your warehouse.

Where to Look for Pallet Rack Identification

Whatever type of pallet racking system you have, the pallet racks will always have two main components: upright frames and beams.

The upright is the entire vertical member consisting of columns, horizontal and diagonal bracing, and footplates. There are holes punched in the front and rear column faces to accept the beams which connect horizontally to uprights at both ends to form a shelf. The footplates secure the pallet rack system to the floor using floor anchors. Many types of decking are available including wire, solid steel, perforated steel and wood. The proper decking is based on the customer requirements

The holes on the uprights will have a specific shape depending on the manufacturer. This is what we look at for pallet rack identification. There are a lot of different slot types and these are the more common ones.


Tear Drop Pallet Rack SystemTeardrop slots are the most common and popular. The distinctive upside down teardrop shaped hole allows for stability and quick and easy assembly.

Numerous manufacturers have adopted this design. The advantage of this is that more than one pallet rack brands will fit uniformly with one another.

You can replace parts with a different brand but this is generally not recommended because this will void the warranty.

Interlake New Style

Interlake Pallet RackThe Interlake old style is the classic teardrop shape while the new style is an angular wedge-like shape. It is interesting to note that new style beams will fit both designs but old style beams will only fit old style uprights. Most other manufacturers will not fit the Interlake new style uprights.

In the mid-2000s, Interlake introduced shaved pin beam connectors that allow you to attach parts from both styles to each other.


Ridge-U-RackRidge-U-Rack slots are log and narrow in shape This type of pallet racking is quite common and still being manufactured today.

Ridge-U-Rack pallet racking features a pinch-pin clip that locks beams in place to support extremely heavy loads.



T-BoltT-Bolt rack by Unarco, has rectangle shaped slots, with front end only connection.

These beams are attached to uprights with large bolts, providing a strong and reliable connection. T-bolt racking is one of the easier types of pallet rack to install.



Sturdi-BiltAlso made by Unarco, Sturdi-Bilt slots are like the Ridge-U-Rack slots but the difference is the location. The holes are on the edge of the uprights rather than the middle.

Instead of the beam connecting directly to the upright, it sits on a clip that fits on the slot on the upright. With this ‘wedge lock’ clip system, the beams have a strong contact with the upright columns.



RepublicRepublic pallet racking slots are shaped like a keystone. Also known as keystone racking, this type of pallet racking is not as common as it once was. Republic closed their doors in the early 2010s, but there are at least two other rack manufacturers making this style rack.

The beam clips for this racking system have hooks with square tops and are an integral part of the beam.

Need Further Assistance in Identifying Your Rack?

Do you have more questions about your pallet racking system? Please contact us for more information and assistance in identifying which pallet rack brand you have and which components you need replaced.