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Washington & Oregon

In-House Storage & Handling Fabrication

Along with standard stock product in Kent, WA, we have the capability to manufacture storage products in house, on short notice. This benefits our customers by eliminating the long delays typically associated with getting “quickly needed” materials from the “factory”.

Custom storage systems: We design, and then build. Large or small.

Custom pallet rack: For odd sized pallets or skids.

In-stock material allows us to fabricate custom racking, saving time (lead times and freight costs) over factory shipments.

  • Certified welding
  • Unarco Material Handling Factory Certified Fabricator. UMH Website
  • On site welding at your location can be provided, if required

Typical In House Fabricated Items

  • Custom Uprights: Unique size, Super HD, or Matching an existing system.
  • Custom Load Beams: +12 long, Super HD, Wide range of capacities.
  • Custom Workbenches: Specifically designed to your specific needs – like no other in the industry.
  • Guide rail and Rub rail: Built specifically for your application. On-site installation welding as needed.
  • Seismic Upgrades: Welding seismic base plates to non-seismic racking.
  • Rack Repair: Damage struts and columns often times can be repaired and reinforced. Give us a call for inspection.

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