Warehouse System Design  •  Engineering  •  Permitting •  Installation Services

Warehouse System Design  •  Engineering  •  Permitting •  Installation Services

Warehouse System Design  •  Engineering  •  Permitting •  Installation Services

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Industrial Shelving in WA and OR

Industrial Metal Shelving

Industrial Shelving in WA and OR


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Because every company’s shelving system requirements aren’t the same, neither are the metal shelving unit and metal storage cabinet solutions available. One size fits all just won’t work, and luckily doesn’t have to.

Whether you are needing to archive your files, organize your stockroom, stock your automotive parts department, store your athletic gear, or organize small parts in your maintenance department, there is a metal shelving unit or storage cabinet available to fit your specific needs.

We proudly feature Borrough’s metal shelving & metal cabinet product line to fit any and all of your business or warehouse needs.

Cabinet & Shelving Product Options

Design & Installation Also Available

In addition to providing quality industrial metal shelving, cabinet, and modular drawer solutions, we will work with you to design and layout the ideal system for your facility and operations. But we don’t stop there; we will assist you with understanding building codes and permitting if necessary, and be by your side the entire way through installation.

Our many years of experience, attention to detail, and laser-measured & computer drawn layouts, allow us to better understand your needs and goals and make them come to life from paper to installation.

  • Increase Storage Space – by utilizing unused vertical space, it greatly increases your available storage space.
  • Adjustable – shelving are adjustable to accommodate your varying product needs.
  • Increase Product Visibility – improved visibility allows for quick and easy picking, which increases your productivity.
  • Small, Large and Delicate Item Storage – small items can be stored in bins and boxes, shelf dividers are also available. Large items are better storage on shelving rather than cluttering the aisles, and fragile items are best stored up off the ground and out of harms way.
  • Easy to Assemble – parts consist of beams, posts, t-posts for joining shelving units together and shelving material. With many types, no hardware is needed to assemble, just a rubber mallet.
  • Cost Effective – affordable long term storage solutions, at an affordable price.
  • Small Parts Storage
  • Record Archive Storage
  • Multi-Level Catwalk
  • Tire Storage
  • Battery Storage
  • Back Room Retail Shelving
  • Shoe Box storage
  • Medical Record Storage
  • Auto parts Shelving
  • Custom Design for any application
  • Shipping tables & work benches
  • Heavy Duty Posts
  • Custom Decking
  • Wire Shelves
  • Foot plates to accept concrete anchors
  • Custom Colors and finishes
  • Engineering documents
  • Permit Submittals, if required

Features of Metal Shelving Units

  • Shelving units are configured to your specific application without custom costs. Understanding factors such as the flow of your warehouse, capacity requirements, and maximizing space utilization are key factors in designing an efficient storage solution
  • Standard industrial metal shelving is in stock or available within 1-2 days and is economically priced
  • The boltless design of our shelving systems makes installation easy compared with a bolted or all wood (2″ x 4″) system
  • Shelving units are free-standing and can be anchored to the floor with footplates as needed
  • Capacities per shelf level can range from 250 lbs. to several thousand lbs. for an industrial system
  • Shelf deck material can be solid steel, particle board, wire mesh, melamine, or any other material you may require
  • Metal shelving supplied by DACO is not the same as what you would find at a local home center. Better products at a better price
  • High bay and mezzanine systems will be engineered and designed to meet all local building requirements

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