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Open Style Metal Shelving


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The automotive industry is unlike other workshops and garages in terms of storage. There are large parts, small parts, and all sizes in between to account for. Automotive metal shelving can help keep your shop organized and productive.

The main two types of shelving in the automotive department are open and closed metal shelving and boltless metal shelving. These steel shelving systems are durable and built to last.

Some of the benefits that come with automotive metal shelving include increased organization, being able to easily find the parts you are looking for and optimizing space within your store or workshop.

Bins, dividers, drawers, drawer compartments and labels can be added to the metal shelves to make finding inventory quicker and more efficient.

Types of Metal Shelving

There are two main types of automotive metal shelving: Industrial Open & Closed and Boltless. Each type of shelving serves a unique purpose in the automotive department.

Open style metal shelving is the most commonly used shelving when general storage is needed. The structure is basic and the cost, economical. This type of shelving is open on all sides as well as the back. Strategically placed back bracing ensures its stability. Closed style metal shelving is also a common choice in the automotive industry. The sides are closed, and the back can remain either open or closed depending on your preference.

Boltless metal shelving is very easy and quick to assemble and can be customized to fit the needs of your store or shop. Components of boltless metal shelving include beams, posts, and t-posts. No cross-bracing is needed so you can freely access all four sides of the shelving. This type of shelving is meant to accommodate heavier items due to different post and beam sizes. You’ll find this variation of automotive shelving to be quite convenient as it can be dismantled and reassembled according to the changing needs of your business.

Metal Shelving Unit Styles

The two types of automotive metal shelving can be customized with drawers and compartments to meet the demands of your operation. You have small, large, and specialty rack storage options available.

Small Parts Storage

Due to automotive stores having to stock a wide range of parts and supplies, metal shelving units are available in many different styles in order to help you stay organized. Drawer dividers can be installed into metal shelving units to customize your storage experience. This makes finding your parts much easier.

The two types of drawers and dividers are:

  • Flex-Bin Metal Shelving (with dividers) – Closed style metal shelving units that feature adjustable sliding dividers that are self-locking and provides easy access to shelf contents.
  • High Density Drawer Metal Shelving – Drawers that can be added to closed style metal shelving to provide stronger storage solutions. Partition and divider combinations are endless.

To make it even easier to locate specific parts, labels can be added to shelves, drawers, and drawer compartments.

Large Parts Storage

The automotive industry not only needs storage for small parts but for large, heavy, and long accessories, too. Heavy-duty industrial shelving is perfect for oddly shaped parts. This type of shelving can be custom configured to meet the size requirements of a variety of products as well as keeping them convenient to access.

Specialty Storage Racks

There are many parts and accessories within the automotive industry that are unique. Neither small nor large shelving will quite do the trick. That’s why the flexibility of specialty storage racks is vital. These custom racks are designed to hold parts of any shape or size.

Specialty Storage Racks

Because of the uniqueness of the parts that automotive dealerships and stores must inventory, custom designed metal shelving units are quite often what is needed to store these parts. The flexibility of this industrial shelving allows for just that.

Ideal Uses For Automotive Metal Shelving:

  • Battery Storage
  • Tire & Wheel Storage
  • Bumper Storage
  • Long Parts & Molding Storage
  • Sheet Metal Storage

Automotive metal shelving can be used in a variety of ways and industries. Specialty racks will come in handy for a variety of operations as well as customized drawers and dividers.

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It’s our pleasure to help you customize your business with shelving that’ll improve operational efficiency during the workday. Contact us.

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