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Warehouse System Design  •  Engineering  •  Permitting •  Installation Services

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If you are like most companies, space within your facility is at a premium. You have a lot of product and supplies which need to be stored, easily accessible, and sometimes secured. This generally requires space which could be more productively used. A high density Mobile Shelving System just might be your solution.

Mobile shelving systems can either reduce the storage space needed by 50% or double the amount of existing storage space, depending on whether you are trying to save space and/or gain space.

What is mobile shelving? Unlike static metal shelving units that rest firmly on the floor, the shelving units are placed on mobile carriages which are then attached to floor tracks. This allows the shelving units to compact together, when not in use, eliminating all but one or two aisles standardly in between each row of static shelving. This can save you up to 50% floor space, while still storing the same amount of product, improving accessibility, organization, and ergonomics.

How does it work? You simply turn the handle, or the push the button, and the metal shelving aisles will compact together when not in use. When you need to access a specific aisle of shelving, you once again simply turn the handle or the push the button, to move multiple aisles at a time to access the aisle you need. Each aisle is clearly marked, allowing quick and easy access.

Shelving Options – The actual metal shelving units that are placed on the carriages can be custom designed to whatever configuration you need to best fit the specific goods you are storing. They include:

  • Reference shelves
  • Drawers
    • lockable
    • Pull out
    • Media
  • Pull out reference drawers
  • Hanging files
  • Dividers
  • Specialty hanging racks
  • Special sized compartments
  • Lockable rolling shutter doors
  • Garment Rods
  • Perforated Panels

Modes of Operation– high density mobile shelving systems come in two different modes of operation:

  • Mechanical Assist – multiple aisles at a time of metal shelving are easily moved by a three spoke hand crank, ergonomic handle. A safety lock on the handle can be manually activated to keep users safe while standing in the open aisles. This mode of operation is best suitable for applications with only a few users and lower activity levels.
  • Powered – is the easiest and safest to operate. Push button controls allow ease of use, while motion sensors will detect movement in the aisles and automatically stop all motion until the aisles are clear, at which time it will allow for the shelves to move again. This mode of operation is best suited for applications with many users, higher activity levels, and when storing items that need added security.
  • Healthcare
    • Medical Records or Supplies
    • Pharmacies
    • Surgical Supplies & Linens
  • Libraries
    • Books
    • Film Cans & Videos
  • Office & Archive Storage
    • File Folders or Boxes
    • Notebook Binders
    • Office Supplies
    • Blue Prints
  • Museums
    • Artifacts
    • Historical Books
    • Specimens & Frames Art Racks
  • Sports Equipment
    • Football Helmets
    • Shoulder Pads & Jerseys
    • Athletic Equipment
  • Policy Property & Evidence Rooms
  • Military & Law Enforcement Weapons & Gear
  • Maintenance & Electronic Parts
  • Large & Bulky Palletized Product
  • And much, much more…
  • Space Saving – reduces and/or increases existing storage space by up to 50%.
  • Reduces Operating Expenses – eliminates unnecessary aisles that waste valuable space, and lighting, heat and HVAC costs. Some companies even have to store their excess product off site, costing them additional warehousing and travel costs.
  • Increases Employee Productivity – reduces time and energy spent trying to locate product in disorganized or cluttered storage rooms with many aisles of shelving. Each aisle is clearly labeled with its contents.
  • Flexibility – mobile shelving systems can be modified and relocated when needed.
  • Versatility – this metal shelving system can store a wide variety of goods from medical records … to electronics … to athletic equipment … the possibilities are endless.
  • Increased Production – creates extra space that can be utilized for production lines or work stations that actually help generate income.
  • Reduced Pilferage – because the aisles are compacted together when not in use, it makes it much harder for things to disappear from the shelves.
  • Increased Organization – saves valuable time looking for items stored in a sea of metal shelving aisles, by promoting organization.

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