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Modular Cabinets

Modular Drawer Cabinets

Modular Cabinets


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The benefits of modular drawer cabinets range from superior organization to space-saving. They can be incorporated into inventory management systems to speed processes. Changes are dramatic in workflow and efficiency.

Modular drawer cabinets are the ideal storage solution for small to mid-size parts & products. Many types of equipment and tools are well-suited to be organized in such an easily accessible manner. They are known to be a much more efficient and protective system than traditional shelving and certainly much more so than pallets of bins might be.

How Are They Designed to be Better?

Designed as a “building block” type system, these drawer cabinets come in various heights, widths and drawer heights so you can create the perfect storage solution for your specific applications. They can be stacked for greater space utilization and can be integrated into a workstation to create greater flow and productivity.

Modular drawer cabinet common unit widths are 23”, 30”, 45”, 60” and the drawer interiors can be modified to logically arrange multiple types of items.

Modular drawer cabinet interiors can be completely customized to fit your specific part dimensions. Here are just a few of the many configurations available.

Modular Drawer Cabinets

Benefits of Modular Drawer Cabinets include:

  • SPACE SAVING – can reduce the amount of storage space needed to store your parts by up to 60%, allowing a quick return on investment. Reduces necessary floor space with more efficient and accessible storage.
  • EASY ITEM RETRIEVAL– Drawers pull all the way out 110%, so you easily see exactly what is in the drawer all the way to the back of it.
  • IMPROVED EFFICIENCY & ORGANIZATION – The interiors of the modular drawers can be sub-divided into the exact compartment sizes needed to store your parts, tools or equipment. There is no wasted space, eliminating the need for cardboard boxes or plastic bins that take up more space and are more costly than you may realize.
  • INCREASED SECURITY – The metal storage drawers can be closed and locked, preventing unauthorized entry, for increased loss prevention.
  • IMPROVED PRODUCT QUALITY – Products and parts stored inside the metal storage drawers are protected from dirt and environmental damage. Fragile items and expensive equipment remain safe from accidents and accidental misplacement.
  • DECREASED LABOR COSTS – Parts and tool retrieval times can be cut in half, saving valuable time. This also increases employee satisfaction and retention via reduced frustration over constantly searching for tools and parts.
  • FLEXIBILITY – These modular drawer cabinets can be attached side-to-side, back-to-back, and stacked up to (5) units high. They come with a fork truck base so they can be relocated while fully loaded and are adjustable as your applications change.
  • PORTABILITY– Units can easily change location via forklift access as organizational needs change. Heights can also vary with choices ranging from bench high, counter high, and full height.

Modular cabinets are engineered for strength and designed for ease of use. They are a high-density storage solution for tools and parts that need safe-keeping and designated sectioning. The glides in the drawers are smooth and efficient, speeding up work processes.

The drawers are reliable, every time they are used. Designed for human reach points, they are ergonomically suitable for all manner of workplaces. When customized by height and with a variety of layout kits in the drawers, storage can be further streamlined.

Features Unique to Burroughs include:

  • Locking mechanisms –
    • Multiple locks can be keyed alike so the same key will open several different modular drawer cabinets.
    • Lock cores are removable and can be replaced if keys are lost and/or personnel change.
  • Ergonomic handles are flush with the housing exterior, increasing safety and a streamlined, efficient appearance.
  • Drawers have full height sides and back to prevent contents from falling out. Pulling heavy drawers out will not cause the unit to fall over.
Modular Cabinet

Using Modular Drawer Cabinets

Drawers can be pulled out to their full length, providing highly visible, easily accessible storage. Retrieval time is quick because of condensed, easy visual inventory. Because items are viewed from ‘above’, nothing is lost behind other items. Drawer interiors with easily customizable compartments can house a number of small parts, such as spark plugs, washers, bolts, components, tools and the like. Dividers can match items by dimension and be bar code labeled. There is no wasted space.

This flexible divider can be changed as needs change to accommodate differently sized items.

The solid construction provides housing for years and is heavy-duty to last through a lot of daily openings and closings. The drawers pull out smoothly and quietly provide a frustration-free work-flow.

Drawer handles are designed with safety in mind. They remain flush with the cabinets themselves so that nothing catches on them. This also increases workspace ergonomics so they can be incorporated into a place where employees are directly working on projects.

An inventory management system can be integrated into the system with software or other means, to streamline picking, restocking and tracking of goods.

An organized workspace is an efficient one, saving time and money. See how compartmentalizing and classifying items can increase productivity in your operation.

Our Sales Team Can Answer Your Questions About Modular Drawer Cabinets

We realize investing in a modular drawer cabinet is a big decision. Investing in your business to make systems and processes flow better should be a top thought. You may have questions and concerns and we will be there every step of the way to ensure you are getting the best set up for your operation.

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