Industrial Workstation Bridge Cranes

Bridge cranes, also referred to as overhead cranes, are commonly used in manufacturing or maintenance applications to lift, position and transport raw materials, product and machinery. Their components consist of parallel runways with a traveling bridge that span the gap, and a hoist which is the lifting component of the crane that travels along the bridge.

MET-TRACK® Workstation Bridge Cranes provide effortless and reliable lifting, positioning and transporting abilities for a wide range of applications. These cranes are designed to make the operator’s job easier by reducing fatigue and ensuring accurate load positioning.

These bridge cranes can be either floor mounted which are not made a permanent part of your building so they can be relocated when needs change and does not apply stress to the building roof structure; or ceiling mounted which are an ideal option when floor space is at a premium or access is required by other equipment where floor support steels would normally be needed. This option does requires that you make sure the support structure can handle the load weight needed.

Bridge Crane System Features:

  • Capacities range from 150 lbs to 4,000 lbs.
  • Bridge lengths up to 34’.
  • Runway supports up to 30’.
  • Low cost solution.
  • Includes modular kit form.
  • Easy to install and/or extend.
  • Mixed capacity systems available.
  • Large range of mounting options available.

Bridge Crane Feature & Benefits:

  • Kits are individually sized to suit your exact space requirements.
  • Enclosed track allows for easy movement and longevity.
  • Superior load positioning offered by rigid runways.
  • Easier movement of bridge and trolleys ensured by smooth rolling surface.
  • No movement or “crabbing” of the bridge.
  • Multiple track profiles and span available.

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