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Modular drawer cabinets have many more uses than first come to mind. They have become the parts and product storage solution of the future, with unparalleled ease of entry and retrieval. Completely customizable, these smooth-sliding drawers have become the solution for an incredible variety of organizations.

With their huge range of configurations and ability to completely revamp an organizational system, their appeal has become a necessity for companies looking to increase storage capacity while decreasing the footprint, bring sophistication to an organizational system, and save money on labor and of course lost parts.

Many industries began using these storage systems as a creative means to streamline organization. When they started saving significant amounts of money, time and space, word spread about their dramatic benefits. After all, organization increases productivity.

Industries that can benefit from modular drawer cabinets include:

Automotive Repair, Machine Shops & Small Parts Areas

From dealerships to auto parts stores, modular drawer cabinets increase efficiency in a big way. Storing parts and tools becomes a system rather than a hassle. When the same type of tool from the same manufacturer is stored in one specific place, everyone knows exactly where to find the specifics they’re looking for.

Many plants and operations also implement an accountability system so that parts are not only easy to find, but always there when they need them. Many employees find work satisfaction increases along with their own productivity. Disorganization is just frustrating.

Even motorsport companies use them because they are very fast to get in and out of. Increasing efficiency and speed is important for every industry, but particularly motorsports, where mechanics are under as much pressure as drivers or riders.

Here are just a few of the many areas that can benefit from use of modular drawer cabinets:

  • Automotive Repair
  • Aerospace
  • Small Parts
  • Tool Cribs
  • Mechanics
  • Schools
  • Utility Companies
  • PUD’s
  • Car Repair Shops
  • Parts & Service Departments

Summary: Storing automotive tools and parts in a systemized way reduces labor costs and streamlines organization. Increase employee morale with organization.

Modular Drawer Cabinets

Modular Drawer Cabinets In Manufacturing

The manufacturing process needs to be streamlined and efficient. When storage capacity can be doubled in the process, even better. No matter the product, there will be parts, various sizes and most likely a range of materials to keep track of. Storage units can be customized to include both shelving and modular drawers to improve work space efficiency and keep things exactly where you need to find them.

Whether the manufacturing process involves air-conditioning vents, BBQ grilles, pipeline or plumbing equipment, as a few examples, do what others have done as their businesses grew. Use organizational drawers for maintenance, bulk and small parts storage manufacturing.

Summary: Modular drawer cabinets provide heavy-duty storage solutions for manufacturers. All sizes of parts and materials are optimally stored.

Education And Training Facilities Need Systems

Whether your facility is a large institution looking for organizational support or a small, growing technical institute aiming to start with the right tools, we’ve got your storage solutions.

Electronics training, technical training, avionics institutes are some of the training facilities who have improved the aesthetics as well as the learning experiences of their students via modular drawer cabinets. When organization is improved dramatically, more time is spent learning and less time is spent feeling confused. The look of professionalism increases and student enrollment increases. It’s simple, systems equal success.

Whether there are toolboxes that need upgrading or electronics parts that need to be sorted according to category, there are solutions that will increase learning time and improve instructors’ effectiveness. As needs change cabinets can be reconfigured.

Enhanced classroom learning experiences, easily accessible resources and a productive environment can only enhance your institution’s reputation.

Summary: This type of organization improves the look and function of educational institutions. Students spend less time searching for tools and more time learning.

Modular Drawer Cabinets

Modular Drawer Cabinets For Outdoor Power Equipment

Agricultural operations, tools, lawn equipment and more can benefit from strong, stable drawers which section off all parts of your equipment in a systemized way. Small as well as large items can have optimized storage options.

Increase your supply chain organization and watch as employee morale improves with the ease of locating and retrieving equipment. Operate at peak efficiency with a tried and true storage system that makes items accessible. Develop a system that works for your organization, specifically.

Many organizations utilize a master index, leading to appropriately catalogued drawers to keep track of items going in and out of the drawers. An accountability system paired with this index keeps inventory accurate and saves money.

Summary: Power equipment requires sturdy organization. Retrieval of equipment is sped up with a secure system that works.

Entertainment And Gaming Storage Needs

Every industry has storage needs. Modular drawer cabinets aren’t just for automotive needs. Hotels, concert halls, resorts and casinos all have storage needs for tools, supplies, products and more. Stay organized and productive, while having the ability to lock up valuable supplies. Knowing where things are is important, particularly for larger operations. Money is lost when items are misplaced, but with custom drawers in place for specific items, funds are kept flowing where they should be.

Summary: Modular cabinets provide secure organization of supplies.

Aerospace And Aviation Need Specific Storage Solutions

It can be hard to keep track of parts. New parts, parts from previous customer aircraft, inventory parts as well as one-off items ordered as needed all should have their place. Then there are tools- shop tools and of course individual mechanic and avionic tech tools.

Heavy duty drawer systems are the perfect solution. These stackable storage solutions are secure as well as portable when they need to be moved around. Keeping a handle on expensive parts is as important to your bottom line as is getting invoices paid. Organizational sectioning for even the most minute and fragile part can be incorporated into the drawers for ease of accessibility and accountability.

Summary: Aviation requires the utmost in protection for expensive parts. Ensure parts are found quickly and customers remain happy.

Modular Drawer Cabinets

Medical Supply And Laboratories Find Solutions With Modular Drawer Cabinets

It’s not just industrial and commercial applications that are drawn to the ease of use of secure storage options.

The metal drawers can be locked to prevent unauthorized entry when sensitive and expensive materials are involved. They are heavy-duty to protect and harbor microscope slides and all manner of delicate equipment.

Organization is never more important than with medical supplies. These items can be organized systematically and securely for ease of retrieval and complete protection from being tampered with or exposed to harmful agents. Laboratory materials can be kept in a customizable method for counter height applications or eye level height for varied needs.

Summary: Medical supplies and laboratories house fragile and expensive items. Storage must be secure, organized and provide solid protection.

Government And Law Enforcement Agencies Have Unique Storage Needs

These agencies have as varied storage needs as they tend to be unique from the private sector. Whether they are seeking greater organization in specialized departments, a new way to safe house equipment manuals, metal organizational drawers have proven to be fantastic for multiple storage requirements.

This method of storage can reduce current storage footprints by up to 50 percent. Nowhere is strict organization more pertinent, whether housing and rotating military equipment, tools or even weaponry.

Law enforcement agencies have many departments which streamline processes and equipment with modular drawer cabinets. Whether securing evidence, improving workspace tool placement within fleet operations, or making retrieval of supplies faster, these cabinets have become invaluable.

Summary: Storage needs can be customized for the different types of storage needs government encounters. Module drawers provide the security and professionalism required.

Modular Drawer Cabinets

Museums Have Varied Storage Needs

Museums must store artifacts securely and with a durable method. Not only that, they house equipment for building maintenance and tools of the trade that require compact and systemized storage and retrieval. Many museums have started seeing the benefits of having ultra-secure and highly efficient storage drawers which maximize space and provide unsurpassed protection of all valuables.

Summary: Museums with their delicate storage needs find solid storage solutions appealing. Organization is streamlined with drawer cabinets that match the level of security and ease of use they require.

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