Machine Enclosure Modular Offices

Modular Office Machine Enclosure 3
Modular Office Machine Enclosure

Machine enclosures allow you to leverage better environmental control over your machinery and processes. Whether you want to increase the security of your machines, want to safeguard them form particulates, fluctuating temperatures and humidity or just want to insulate the noise they produce, modular office machine enclosures get the job done.

Machinery Protection

Machine enclosures are perfect for the housing of various kinds of sensitive and valuable equipment. They make for perfect safe havens for your machinery, allowing you to control who and when people have access.

Noise Control

With everything going on in your facility, it can get pretty noisy and crowded.  Modular offices can create a quiet environment, isolating your equipment and personnel away from the noise and distractions of daily operations.

Equipment Separation & Protection

You may find that certain equipment, when in operation, is very noisy or has other environmental issues, and it would make sense to confine it in its own area.  Modular offices are ideal for this, as they can be placed exactly where you need them to be in your facility, without disturbing the operations around them.


If the equipment you need to house and/or move in or out is over sized, roll-up or bi parting doors, as well as extra tall walls can be incorporated in the design of the modular office to accommodate those additional requirements.

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