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Most facilities have abundant vertical space that can be converted and used for additional storage. Installing industrial shelving units is an effective way to turn your facility’s extra vertical space into valuable storage space. While there are many different types of industrial shelving options on the market, metal shelving units are among the most durable, making them the ideal choice for industrial operations. Below are just some of the different types of metal shelving units.

Open Metal Shelving VS Closed Metal Shelving

Applied Handling NW has a wide selection of metal shelving units for you to choose from. Most of our shelving units are available in open or closed styles. Open style shelving is open on the sides and back, while closed style shelving is closed on the sides and either open or closed at the back.

Boltless Metal Shelving

Installing metal shelving units can seem like a daunting task, but Applied Handling NW offers shelving units that use an innovative boltless design that is far easier to install compared to bolted systems. With boltless metal shelving, no cross-bracing is required most of the time, so the shelves can be accessed from all four sides. They are also easy to install and require no additional hardware, apart from a rubber mallet.

Automotive Metal Shelving

Automotive companies often need to store a large variety of different parts and products, each with varying sizes and weights. This can prove difficult with standard metal shelving systems, so automotive shelving can be customized to include small parts storage, large parts storage, and specialty storage racks.

Mobile Shelving Systems

High-density mobile shelving systems are shelving units that are placed on mobile carriages, which are then attached to floor tracks. This system is designed to allow the units to be compacted together when they are not in use, saving floor space and improving workspace accessibility, organization, and ergonomics.

Multi-tier Shelving Systems

Multi-tier shelving systems are the best way to fully capitalize on unused vertical space. These systems feature levels of metal shelving units that are placed above one another. Applied Handling NW offers two different styles of multi-tier shelving systems:

Full Mat Metal Shelving Systems – Consists of a lower shelf that supports a solid or grated “second floor” built atop it. The second floor can be used to store shelving units of varying sizes and styles. This multi-tier shelving system is ideal for storing large items with awkward and hard-to-store shapes and sizes.

Catwalk Metal Shelving Systems – Consists of a lower level of metal shelving that is directly attached to a second level of shelving and aisles. Catwalk shelving systems are ideal for storing medium and lightweight items of varying shapes and sizes.

Modular Drawer Cabinets And Metal Storage Cabinets

If racks do not suit your storage needs, consider purchasing one of our metal storage cabinets. They are available in several different styles and can be customized to suit your specific business needs. Our basic metal storage cabinets can be fitted with short or long shelves, clothing rods, or left completely open if you choose. If you need drawers, we also offer modular drawer cabinets, which feature cascading drawers that come in various heights and widths.

Choosing Your Metal Shelving Unit

There are a lot of different factors to consider when planning your industrial metal shelving system. By understanding how you will use this additional storage space, you can more easily determine which metal shelving units are best suited for your operation. If you are in the market for a new industrial shelving system, fill out our contact form and follow Applied Handling NW on Facebook to receive important updates about our material handling and storage systems.