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Warehouse System Design  •  Engineering  •  Permitting •  Installation Services

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Mezzanines Help Increase the Safe Storage of Your Products


Storage is something many businesses need to be focused on. They will want to ensure everything is stored safely and easily accessible when they need it. One way to ensure everything is stored properly is to invest in mezzanines.

These equipment platforms add another level to a warehouse to allow more goods to be stored without needing to over stack delicate boxes, which can lead to product damage. They can be built with clear-open space underneath, or shelving can be installed under it to help keep everything organized.

Made from high-quality steel, mezzanines are a sturdy way to ensure every product is safely stored and easily accessible, no matter how many items need to be stored.

It’s been shown that a well-organized warehouse can yield significant benefits for your company. This begs the question—what types of commercial storage products are the best option for your business?

Well, at DACO, we’ve got a ton of great reasons why mezzanines are one of the most beneficial options available.

What are the Benefits of Adding Mezzanines to Your Storage System?

Having an organized warehouse or facility isn’t just about making it easy to find things. It’s about increasing productivity, accuracy and reducing the labor costs of your employees.

That’s where mezzanines come in.

These highly-versatile commercial storage products are the ideal choice for all of your wants and needs. These systems come with a wide range of outstanding benefits your business is sure to love. These include:

Improved Use of Square Footage

If you’re running out of space inside your facility, there’s no reason to start packing up and looking for another space. Instead of building out, why not consider building up? Mezzanines allow company owners to utilize the empty air space inside their location and create ample space-saving opportunities.


Mezzanines are one of the most versatile commercial products on the market. Not only can they be fully-customized to meet your business’s needs, but they can also be easily adjusted and relocated as those needs change.

In addition to serving as storage platforms, mezzanine products can also be used in a wide selection of other ways, such as:

  • Office Space
  • Packing Space
  • Clean Rooms
  • Employee Breakroom
  • Retail Areas
  • Automation Solutions

Improved Product & Material Access

By increasing the amount of vertical storage space you have in your warehouse or facility, you’ll reduce the number of items that are improperly stored. This will not only make it easier to access those products and materials, but it will also make the retrieval process safer.

Are You Ready to Make the Switch to a Mezzanine?

If you’re thinking about upgrading the storage system in your commercial or industrial facility, the expert team at DACO is here to help. We are proud to offer some of the best mezzanines on the market. Plus, our professional design team will ensure they’re properly designed to meet all of your company’s requirements.

Don’t settle for just any business storage products. If you want the safe, efficient options you deserve, installing a mezzanine might be your best choice.

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