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Airborne Infection Isolation Room Modular Offices

Isolation Room Modular Office

Airborne Infection Isolation Room Modular Offices
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Airborne Infection Isolation Room Modular Offices

For healthcare providers, a common goal is to help control the spread of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, tuberculosis, and SARS. To do this, many facilities will utilize different types of isolation rooms and chambers.

At Applied Handling NW, our team understands that building an entire isolation space is not always the most efficient option.

That’s why we’re pleased to offer our customers a variety of airborne infection isolation room (AIIR) modular offices. Not only are these rooms simple to install, but they’re also a much more affordable option than undertaking a total construction project.

When you need a dependable space to isolate your patients, don’t settle for less than the best products on the market.

What Are the Standard Features in Airborne Infection Isolation Room Modular Offices?

Based on requirements set forth by the CDC, any type of isolation chamber must meet certain guidelines.

Starrco Isolation Rooms are built to ASHRAE Standard 170 standards – which specify negative air pressure, air change rates of 6-12 ACH, temperature guidance, and filtration conditions that direct exhaust of air to the outside of the building or recirculation of air through a HEPA filter.

When you purchase an airborne infection isolation room modular office from Applied Handling NW, you can feel confident that our products are made to exceed these expectations. They include a variety of standard features, such as HEPA air filtration, negative air pressure, temperature guidance, and directed airflow.

To ensure these modular isolation rooms are also easy-to-clean and sterilize, they must also feature smooth walls and ceiling tiles, along with having self-closing doors.

They are also very versatile, allowing them to be temporary, permanent, expandable, and/or relocatable, depending on your ever-changing needs.

Standard Features of Starrco Modular Isolation Rooms

  • Negative pressure
  • Directed airflow
  • Gasketed ceiling grid for a proper seal
  • Smooth and easy to clean ceiling tiles
  • Sealed and easy to clean smooth wall surfaces like FRP or HDPE
  • Offer the privacy and safety you need
  • Self-closing doors

What Additional Features Can You Include in Your Isolation Room?

Our industry-leading team believes in helping our customers create custom AIIR modular offices that will best meet the needs of your healthcare practice.

In addition to meeting CDC-guidelines, our isolation rooms also come with a variety of optional accessories, can help enhance the safety and convenience of your isolation area.

  • Windows or full glass walls
  • Coved floors
  • HEPA filtration
  • Redundant ventilation equipment
  • Pass-Through
  • Modular electric for fast snap & click power
  • Power outlets

Is an Isolation Modular Office Right for Your Business?

When you’re weighing the pros and cons between full-fledged renovations or an airborne infection isolation room modular office to fight against the Coronavirus and other diseases, Applied Handling NW is here to help!

Give our top-rated team of medical equipment providers a call today to learn more about the benefits of our isolation modular offices. For your convenience, we also offer an online contact form, you’re welcome to fill out for more information.