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Warehouse System Design  •  Engineering  •  Permitting •  Installation Services

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Shipping & Receiving Area Modular Offices

Shipping & Receiving Area Modular Offices

Shipping & Receiving Area Modular Offices


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Modular offices are structures that can be designed to stand alone outside or to exist within your current building structure. There are many different types, sizes, and uses for modular offices, and they can be easily customized to fit your business perfectly.

Our experts at DACO help to create custom modular offices that suit your operational needs. There are many ideal applications for modular offices, as described in more detail below. Our sales team frequently use these offices for shipping and receiving department enclosures.

Staffing Your Shipping And Receiving Area

Many businesses recognize the benefits of staffing shipping and receiving departments with one or more employees. Employees are often placed near the loading dock. From that location, they can monitor and manage products moving in and out of the facility.

Office equipment, including desks, printers, and computers, can be housed in modular offices for enhanced employee productivity. Shipping and receiving modular offices are sometimes used to create sitting areas for truck drivers and others who are waiting for products to be loaded and unloaded.

Protecting Your Shipping And Receiving Employees

As the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recognizes, loading docks are full of potential dangers, especially when forklifts and other heavy equipment are in use. Modular offices are a good way to separate and protect shipping and receiving employees from those loading dock dangers.

Office enclosures also provide protection from outside weather elements that may get in when goods are being loaded and unloaded.

Advantages Of Shipping And Receiving Modular Offices

  • Economical – For shipping and receiving areas that were constructed without office space, installing a prefabricated modular office is much less expensive than conventional construction.
  • Easy installation – Modular offices come in prefabricated and finished pieces that take minimal time and tools to assemble. Installing a modular office in your shipping and receiving area will not cause lengthy interruptions in your shipping and receiving operations.
  • Flexibility – Modular offices are flexible. As your business grows and changes, modular offices can be disassembled and relocated as needed.
  • Customizable – As previously mentioned, modular offices can be constructed in a variety of styles and sizes. When your shipping and receiving floor space is limited, modular offices can be elevated and constructed on building platforms. This is a good way to make use of the vertical space in your facility.

Additional Applications For Modular Offices

Uses for modular offices are not limited to shipping and receiving departments. Other ideal applications include break rooms, plant foremen’s offices, machine and equipment enclosures, clean rooms, conference rooms, storage areas, and cafeterias. Additional outside they can be used as guard booths, ticket booths, observation towers, etc. If you need to add an enclosed area inside or outside of your facility, modular offices can be designed to fit your needs.

Modular Office Design And Installation

Contact a representative at DACO to learn more about shipping and receiving modular offices. Members of our sales team are available to learn more about your business and discuss the extent of your operation’s needs and goals.
We will help you design custom space solutions that enhance and promote your business’s efficiency and productivity.

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