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Has your warehouse reached maximum capacity? Is limited storage space beginning to get in the way of normal business operations? Every successful business reaches a point where its operations are restricted by its existing facility size.

But just because space is getting limited in your current location does not mean you have to spend a ton of money moving to a new warehouse. You can easily find the space you need right inside your current warehouse. In most cases, the best solution is to look up and utilize the available vertical space.

Mezzanines offer the most viable solution when it comes to maximizing the available vertical space. They are versatile, cost-effective, customizable, energy-efficient, and low maintenance.

In this article, we go into great depths to explain how mezzanines offer space saving solutions for any warehouse. We also talk about the advantages they have over alternative ways of getting additional space, and the factors to consider when choosing a mezzanine in your warehouse.


How Mezzanines Offer Space Saving Solutions In A Warehouse

Customizable designs and quick construction are two of the main reasons why mezzanines can be utilized for virtually any task. What’s more, they are extremely cost-effective, as compared to other options such as expansion or moving to new premises, thus making them a financially sound alternative.

1. Extra Storage Space

The main reason for installing mezzanine systems in a warehouse is to find additional floor space for storage and/or production. As mentioned above, mezzanines are not only versatile, but also customizable. So provided the existing area is adequately assessed, designed, and installed by qualified specialists, you can easily add up to 50% extra flooring in your warehouse.

2. Office Space

Office space may be considered administrative rather than business-related. Because of this, it’s not always at the top of warehouse expansion. However, the affordability and versatility of mezzanines make them a great option for creating office space when combined with a modular office, which can come complete with such standard features as air conditioning, heating and lighting, full partitions and doors & windows.

3. Pick and Pack Operations

A mezzanine also makes for a fully functional pick and pack area, provided there is a way to move items from the floor to the top storage areas. Commonly used items to remedy such problems include lifts and conveyors- even though these machines must be accommodated in the warehouse. The good news is that there’s always a solution to every potential problem, and mezzanines are a great option.


The Case For Having Mezzanines Installed In Your Warehouse

We have covered how mezzanine floors offer space saving solutions in a warehouse.

But do you know why they are the better alternative when compared to other options?

1. Ease of Installation

Mezzanines are extremely easy to install in almost any warehouse where space has become limited. They readily offer as much as 50% more floor space and compared to the nuances of expansion or relocation, they are the most viable option.

2. Low Cost

The biggest appeal behind the popularity of mezzanines is their relatively low cost, with no major disadvantages. There will, however, be additional costs associated with shelving, partitioning, steps, conveyors, and elevators, but these will be factored into the initial start-up cost.

3. Speed and Reliability

With proper planning and execution, a mezzanine system should function smoothly and reliably, and with minimal disruption to other operations in the warehouse.

How To Ensure Your Mezzanine Project Is A Success

To ensure your mezzanine project is a success, you need to enlist the services of a skilled company with specific experience installing such systems. Your mezzanine provider will likely have years of experience dealing with the possible issues associated with installing mezzanines in warehouses.


They will put into consideration:

-The availability of enough vertical space to utilize

-Provision of space below the mezzanine floor to set up a robust support system

-Approval from the building regulations before construction

-Fire hazard measures including the use of fire-resistant material and the provision of fire exit areas

-Load capacity: if you’re planning to store bulky items on the mezzanine system, it’s vital to ensure your provider is aware of this

What Next?

The whole process begins with your mezzanine provider assessing the warehouse and taking measurements of the available space. It is also during this time that you’ll be provided with a quote for the construction and installation of the mezzanine.

If you are both satisfied with the quote, you are off and running.

If you’re ready to learn more about the various ways we can optimize your warehouse space with the addition of a mezzanine, contact Applied Handling NW today at 877-247-2934. You can also find us on Facebook here.