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Mobile Shelving: How it Works & the Benefits

mobile shelving

Let’s face it. If there’s one thing most business owners need, it’s added square footage and storage space inside their warehouses and facilities. The problem is, how do you figure out which commercial storage system is right for your business’ needs?

At DACO, we believe that mobile shelving is one of the most beneficial storage options for most commercial and industrial locations.

Not only do these pieces of equipment offer flexible storage solutions that are unmatched by their competitors, but they’re also known for reducing the amount of storage space needed by up to 50%. This is simply unheard of with most other storage options.

If you want high-quality, easy-access storage that can improve the productivity and efficiency of your warehouse or facility, mobile shelving might be the ideal solution to your problem.

What is Mobile Shelving (and How Does it Work?)

While most metal shelving units rest firmly on the floor, mobile shelving alternatives are placed on mobile carriages that are attached to floor tracks in your facility.

This track system allows the shelves to be pulled together when not in use, reducing the number of aisles to just one or two. This convenient option will greatly reduce your required storage area while still providing top-notch accessibility, organization, and ergonomic working conditions for your employees.

All you have to do is turn the handle or press the button on your system, and metal shelving aisles will compact together when not in use. Each aisle will be clearly marked to ensure there’s easy access to any products and materials you might need.

To make mobile shelving units even better, they can be customized to fit the unique needs of your business. Some of our most popular customization options at DACO include:

  • Drawers
  • Hanging Files
  • Garment Rods
  • Perforated Panels
  • Reference Shelves

Mobile shelving units are also available in two different operational modes, mechanical assist and powered.

What are Some Ideal Uses for Mobile Storage Units?

One of the most impressive features of mobile shelving units is their versatility. They can easily accommodate the wants and needs of business owners across several different types of industries. That being said; there are several types of uses that are more common for these systems:

  • Healthcare Facilities, i.e., medical records, surgical supplies, linens, and pharmaceuticals
  • Library Books & Films
  • Office Storage, i.e., file folders, blueprints, and office supplies
  • Museums, i.e., artifacts, historical books, and specimens
  • Sports Equipment
  • Evidence Rooms
  • Military & Law Enforcement Weapons & Gear
  • Maintenance Rooms

What are the Benefits of Using a Mobile Shelving System?

The amount of storage space saved by using mobile shelving units is, of course, the biggest benefit to these types of systems. This doesn’t mean that it’s the only one, as there are several reasons your warehouse or facility might benefit from this type of product.

Enhanced Productivity

Not only will these types of storage systems cut down on the amount of time employees waste trying to locate products, materials, and tools, but they also allow for better overall workplace production. The amount of space saved by installing mobile shelving allows business owners to install other time-saving equipment to streamline their operations.

Lower Operating and Storage Expenses

With mobile shelving in place, your business will waste less money on utilities, such as lighting, heating, and HVAC costs. Many business owners often have to lease off-site storage facilities for their business. This type of system can cut out this additional expense all together.

Improved Flexibility

As your business grows and changes, your storage needs might not remain the same. Unlike some other commercial and industrial storage options, mobile shelving is easily moved and reconfigured to fit your evolving requirements.

Less Workplace Theft

If you’re concerned about items disappearing from storage shelves, this type of system can be beneficial. Since the aisles are compacted together when not in use, they’re less accessible, which makes it much less likely for workplace theft to occur.

Is Mobile Shelving Right for You?

Whether you’re running a retail store, library, or medical facility, you could benefit from the installation of a mobile shelving unit.

At DACO, our professional team of commercial design specialists can help you figure out which types of mobile shelving options are best for your business. We’ll work with your team to examine all of your storage needs and help you create a system that fits your requirements.

Take back the storage space in your warehouse or facility. Mobile shelving products are an optimal choice for any business owner.

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