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Do you own or operate a cannabis business? Even though cannabis is a relatively new industry, it doesn’t mean that cannabis businesses need to operate any less efficiently than businesses that have been running for many decades.

There are lots of tricks and tips that well-established businesses use to optimize their warehouse spaces, increase their profits, and grow their businesses. Whether you have a large inventory, a large processing and distribution center, or both, storage can easily get out of hand if not organized properly, which can affect how well your cannabis business runs on a day-to-day basis.

Luckily, there are lots of storage solutions available to help optimize your warehouse space, which in turn, optimizes your business and helps you grow. One of the innovative options that cannabis operations can benefit from is mobile shelving & racking systems.

What Are Mobile Shelving & Racking Systems?

Mobile shelving & racking systems are metal storage units that live on mobile carriages and are attached to floor tracks. When not in use, they can compact together with only one or two aisles in between each shelving row. Aisles are marked to help you easily access your items quickly.

They can be compacted together by simply turning a handle or pushing a button to quickly collapse the metal shelving aisles when you don’t need access to them. To access a specific aisle of shelving, use the handle or push the button to move many aisles at once to get to your aisle.

Mobile Shelving & Racking System Benefits

Businesses with a large amount of storage love mobile shelving & racking systems for many reasons. They allow easy access to stored items, which helps to not slow down workflow and increases productivity. They also operate intelligently, using mechanical assistance or powered operation.

They are a great asset to help you stay super organized, and products can be marked better to help make your workflow more efficient. And of course, they are your ally in doubling your storage space, which is highly useful for cannabis businesses who are growing a wide variety of plant strains on a daily basis.

Uses In Cannabis Operations

Since mobile shelving & racking systems are often used for pull-out reference drawers, lockable drawers, reference shelves, specialty hanging racks, and special sized compartments, they are a great fit for cannabis operations. They can be used in many stages of the growing, processing, and distribution process for storage.

Whether you need to hang your cannabis to dry in an organized fashion or want to better organize your processing operations, you’ll love the organization and easy-accessibility that these systems provide.

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