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Warehouse System Design  •  Engineering  •  Permitting •  Installation Services

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Moving Forward with Push Back Rack

push back racking

No matter what industry you are in, your return on investment always comes back to how you serve your clientele. Serving your clients well means finding the most efficient processes for getting the job done. That’s where a push back racking storage solution is beneficial. Choosing a push back pallet racking system can revolutionize the way your clientele is being served. You’ll save time, save space, and make your customers very happy, which of course, increases your profits.

Benefits of Push Back Racking

It’s an ongoing challenge to be able to get the most out of your warehouse space. If pallets are not easily accessed, then your forklift operators waste a lot of time trying to retrieve products. Reduced productivity can be extremely costly. This type of storage solution can actually make all of the difference. Take a look at the main benefits of push back pallet racking.

Increased storage capacity

The push back racking system will make pallets flow naturally toward the front of the rack. This allows the entire system to be deeper than other types of racking systems, meaning more product can be stored in your warehouse, using far less space. You can easily double the storage capacity in your facility with push back. Your system’s depth can be designed to handle from two to six pallets, so it can grow with your production.

More efficient handling of materials and goods

Using push back racking dramatically reduces forklift travel times, especially when compared to other solutions. This can be accomplished by reducing the total number of aisles or reducing picking times. The uniquely designed pallet storage system gives the forklift operator more control. This helps improves pallet placement and retrieval.

Less maintenance and repairs needed

When choosing a rack system, one consideration is how much potential maintenance and repairs will be necessary. In roller-based systems, one big problem was that they will keep getting stuck or products get trapped, stalling retrieval efforts. This translates to a costly downtime. With the most recent changes to health and safety legislation, repair efforts are more difficult and time-consuming. Push back racks have very little maintenance and downtime.

Improved safety

The unique design ensures the pallets sit level in the racking system. This provides additional protection for the goods in the racking, as well as improving the health and safety of operators.

Reduced costs

Using a push back rack storage system provides cost savings by freeing up floor space and allowing for more capacity in an area. With improved reliability and performance, outgoing operations costs are reduced, and businesses get to add to your bottom line.

Maximizing Storage Space with Push Back Racking

When storage space is maximized and efficiency improved, a business can serve its customers with excellence. Push back racking is a storage solution that can grow as your business grows and help improve your return on investment. With an efficient storage and retrieval system from Applied Handling NW, you’ll be happier because your clients will be satisfied.

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