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When it comes to optimizing your warehouse operations, a customized storage and handling system will have the greatest impact on your bottom line. Your business is about storing and moving products, and when that process is organized and streamlined, you will see major improvements in your warehouse operations.

Our sales team at Applied Handling NW is available to discuss your warehouse operation needs and goals. We will help you create a customized storage and handling system to optimize your operations and increase productivity. Our goal is to design a system that allows your warehouse to operate more efficiently and effectively.

With over 300 years of combined experience, our project managers, engineers, designers, and installers will work with you from start to finish. Call us today to discuss your current facility operations and to identify your business needs and goals. We will work together to help you optimize your business with storage and handling system improvements.

modular offices

Modular Offices

Modular offices can be an excellent solution for businesses that need additional space in their already existing facility. These offices can be easily installed in your facility to make use of your currently unused vertical space. Modular offices are often installed for growing and expanding businesses that need extra space for personnel or storage.

Another advantage of modular offices is that they are flexible spaces that can be easily moved in the future as your business changes and evolves. By installing them in your building, these offices are very cost-effective because they allow you to avoid constructing expensive building additions and they eliminate the need to lease additional space.

The design and configuration options are endless with modular offices. They can create a separate space for an office or storage on the ground level of your open building, or they can be raised to a second or third story level. Modular offices can also stand alone as an outdoor structure for guard shacks and other types of prefabricated buildings.

Modular office construction is much faster and easier than conventional building construction and renovation. Efficient construction helps to ensure minimal interruption in your business operation during construction.

All materials arrive precut and finished, which reduces the amount of labor involved to build your modular offices. The amount of equipment required for installation is also reduced because there is no need for measuring, cutting, sanding, or painting.

Common uses for modular offices include:

  • Administrative and personnel offices
  • Warehouse break rooms
  • Computer labs
  • Clean rooms
  • Toll booths
  • Shipping and receiving offices
  • Equipment storage



Mezzanine structures, also known as equipment platforms, are a great space utilization solution to increase storage and production space. These structures can be one, two, or three stories to make use of the vertical space in your high ceiling building. Mezzanines can be freestanding or supported, depending on your current building structure and business needs.

Freestanding mezzanines are very versatile and can be easily dismantled, moved, and reassembled in a different area of your building. This allows for desirable flexibility to suit your changing business needs. And if you eventually outgrow your building, mezzanines can be taken down and moved to your new facility. These mezzanines can be designed to work with conveyors and modular offices to further benefit your operation.

Supported mezzanines are semi-permanent structures that can be efficiently constructed. If your building foundation permits the extra load, your building may provide support for a mezzanine. If your building and foundation can only handle partial support for a mezzanine, additional columns can provide supplemental support. Other support options include pallet racking and shelving units.

Mezzanines can be custom designed to create extensive storage for large quantities of inventory, as well as additional production space. Extra storage space can help you better organize and manage your inventory, which will help to improve your business productivity.

Common uses for mezzanines include the following:

  • Catwalks and walkways to access other buildings and equipment
  • Full pallet storage
  • Elevated office space
  • Elevated work platforms for production and sorting
  • Elevated retail displays

pallet racking

Pallet Racking

Pallet racking systems are available in both customizable and standard designs. These systems allow you to convert the underutilized open space in your building to a choice storage area. Every warehouse has a unique operation with different priorities and needs. Identifying those priorities and needs will help us determine which type of system will best suit and enhance your business operations.

Certain pallet racking systems are meant to accommodate long-term, bulk storage products, and others are designed for high-turnover product storage. Different racking systems can be combined for operations that have multiple types of storage and handling needs.

Some of the pallet racking systems we offer:

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration has implemented general storage requirements to help ensure workplace safety. These storage requirements apply to warehouses and other businesses that store a significant amount of goods and materials. Pallet racking must be designed and constructed with safety in mind.

We will work with you to design and supply a safe system tailored to your business. We are experienced with racking systems in seismic areas, and your system will conform to RMI specifications so that you know that your system is safe.

Damaged pallet racks have the potential to collapse and injure your employees. Collapsing pallets can also cause significant harm to your stored products. If you have damaged pallet racking, in many cases, our professionals can repair your pallet racking to keep your inventory and employees safe from harm. Repairing the damaged pallet rack components, is much less expensive than replacing the system with a new one.

metal shelving

Industrial Metal Shelving And Storage Cabinets

Industrial metal shelving and storage cabinets provide low cost, long-term storage solutions for any company with storage needs. We offer standard and customized shelving and cabinet storage solutions. Our team of experts is available to learn about your business and help you decide what shelving and cabinets will be most beneficial for your business operations.

Once we have learned about your business needs and goals, we can begin to design a shelving and cabinet system that works for you and enhances your operation. System design is our specialty. We will work with you to make sure that the system we create is ideal for your business and meets all of your expectations.

Your storage system will be designed to complement the flow of your operation and maximize your usable space. Shelf capacities can accommodate several hundred pounds up to several thousand pounds. Product options for shelving and storage cabinets include:

  • Automotive metal shelving for auto parts storage and organization.
  • Boltless metal shelving units that are flexible thanks to easy disassembly and reassembly.
  • Open and closed metal shelving with different style options.
  • Mobile shelving systems for movable storage that allows you to save floor space while keeping storage items accessible.
  • Multi-tier shelving can be utilized to double or triple your storage space by making use of your previously unused vertical space.
  • Modular drawer cabinets help with organization and space-saving. They are ideal for small to mid-size parts and products.
  • Metal storage cabinets have customizable internal features such as cabinet length, clothing rod options, open space, and casters.

Tailored System To Optimize Warehouse Operations

Contact our design team at Applied Handling NW to discuss your business’s storage and operational needs. We can help you design and implement a storage and handling system that fits the current and anticipated future needs of your operation. We will work with you from design and development to installation and make sure that your system meets and exceeds your expectations.

We know that your business is unique, and that is why our systems are not one size fits all. A system tailored to your specific needs will help with organization and increased productivity. Follow us on Facebook to learn more about our warehouse solutions.