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If you’re looking for a way to optimize your warehouse operation, work harder and smarter, and more efficiently, a pallet flow racking system could be your answer. These systems make it easy to move your products far quicker than ever before.

Pallet flow racking is one of the most durable and dynamic systems you can have in your facility. They are made with customizable features you can choose from. You can tailor the racking system to the size and weight of your pallets.

Applied Handling NW specializes in pallet racking systems and knows just how efficient they can be for your industry.

What Is Pallet Flow Racking?

Pallet flow, otherwise known as gravity flow racks, use the natural force of gravity to move pallet loads into an accessible picking position for the forklift operator. Goods are loaded from one side of the pallet rack and picked from the other. When loaded, the pallet flows downward to the unloading area. Now, the forklift operator can quickly and easily move the pallet to its designated location.

Each pallet rack is sloped and designed with metal skate wheels, which allows them to glide forward to the front picking position. Pallet stops help keep the racks from moving out of the system. As each load is taken from the front, the next load automatically moves up and becomes available for retrieval, which is known as the First In, First Out inventory retrieval system (FIFO) and is great when dealing with date-sensitive products.

When back-to-back storage is needed, pallet flow racking systems make for more space utilization within your warehouse. There is no limit on the depth of pallet lanes.

There are two types of pallet flow lanes available:

  • Full-Width Rollers – Great for custom sized wood pallets and in systems with short lanes.
  • Skate Wheel Rollers – Typically used when storing various pallet sizes.

The Benefits of pallet flow racking systems include quick and efficient inventory turnover, high-density storage, immediate access to all of your goods, and the ability to accommodate full pallet loads. Using natural gravity in your picking system conserves energy and saves you money, which makes flow racking an economical solution.

Ideally, this type of racking is great for fast-paced industries that require first-in, first-out stock rotation. These keep perishables and date sensitive goods moving. If your company has a limited number of SKUs, limited selectivity, or full case picking, a pallet flow racking system might be something to consider.

Reap the Benefits Of Pallet Flow Racking With Applied Handling NW

When it comes to pallet flow racking systems, Applied Handling NW knows how they can make your operation run better. We hope you’ll contact us today and speak with one of our friendly staff members about the benefits of incorporating flow racks into your warehouse. Our goal is to get you the products and services you need to run a successful enterprise.

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