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Pallet Rack Repair and Fitting Your Budget

pallet rack repair

Pallet racking is an essential part of any commercial or industrial warehouse facility. These types of products help with all of your business storage needs, but can also improve the organization and productivity of your employees.

What happens when your current pallet racking system stops functioning correctly? Whether it’s mechanical problems or structural damage, DACO is here to assist you with all of your pallet rack repair needs.

So, before you jump into replacing your existing pallet racking system, why not consider the benefits of a pallet rack repair, especially how these services can accommodate your budget.

What are the Most Common Pallet Rack Repair Needs?

Before diving into the financial benefits of undergoing a pallet rack repair, it’s helpful to understand the signs of needing these services in the first place.

At DACO, our elite team of pallet rack repair technicians can provide full-service options for all of your repair needs. Within our comprehensive list of restoration solutions, we see several common types of damage often, such as:

  • Bent or Broken Beams
  • Tilting Racks
  • Inadequate Assembly
  • Corrosion or Rust Build-Up

When problems like these arise, it can lead to significant damage and contribute to unsafe work environments. Unsafe pallet racks can even be considered an OSHA violation, so it’s imperative to create a solution in a timely manner.

Business owners may think replacing the pallet rack system is the only option, but our expertly-trained team can provide top-rated repair services that will have your storage unit fully restored, in no time.

Understanding the Financial Benefits of Repairing Your Pallet Racking

While the safety and usage benefits of repairing your existing pallet racking might seem obvious, some business owners forget to consider the financial gains you’ll receive from hiring a pallet rack repair team instead of buying a whole new system. Some of these include:

Repairs Prevent Costly Damage

Let’s say that you notice serious damage to your current pallet rack. Instead of going with a simple and affordable pallet rack repair from DACO, you choose to buy a new system.

Before you have a chance to pick out your new pallet racking, order it, and have it installed, your existing system falls. This can lead to significant property damage in your warehouse or facility. It can also be a severe workplace hazard to your employees. If someone gets hurt or worse by the broken pallet racking, you could be looking at substantial costs to the employee or their family, not to mention the possibility of costly lawsuits.

Choosing a Repair Benefits Labor Costs

Generally speaking, a pallet rack repair is going to be completed quickly. Instead of your employees having to work around a broken, poor-performing unit or not having a pallet racking system at all while waiting for a replacement, they’ll be back to business as usual with repair services.

This also means they can use their time on the clock more efficiently, therefore cutting down on your overall labor costs.

Is a Pallet Rack Repair in the Best Interest of Your Business?

When dealing with pallet racking problems and damage, it’s easy to decide you don’t want to mess with fixing your existing unit and just buy a new one. Unfortunately, however, this is not the most economical choice.

If you want to save money on possible structural damage, employee injuries, and labor costs, hiring DACO to conduct a pallet rack repair is the quickest, safe solution for your business.

Our elite team of technicians have the knowledge and skills needed to handle any pallet racking problem, no matter how big or complicated it may seem. We are here to finish the project quickly and provide hassle-free, reliable results you can trust.

If you are ready to get started on a pallet rack repair for your commercial or industrial business, our experienced crew is here to help!

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