Warehouse System Design  •  Engineering  •  Permitting •  Installation Services

Warehouse System Design  •  Engineering  •  Permitting •  Installation Services

Warehouse System Design  •  Engineering  •  Permitting •  Installation Services

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Different Products and Systems that Benefit Cannabis Warehouses

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From storage to production, cannabis warehouses require a high-grade collection of material handling and commercial storage devices and products to maintain productivity and streamline daily operations.

At DACO, we have the knowledge and skills needed to help your cannabis business design a functional warehouse space that fits every item on your checklist.

Whether you’re looking to optimize storage space, create clean rooms, or maintain product flow, we can help. We offer a wide range of industry-leading products that can make a significant difference in the way you run your business.

Versatile Mezzanine Structures

A sad reality for many cannabis warehouses is that their vertical space is underutilized. Rather than rushing out to find a larger facility, why not consider building up instead of out?

Mezzanines are semi-permanent steel structures or platforms that can help you do just that.

These versatile structures come in a wide variety of different options. Not only can they be freestanding or attached to a wall, but they can also be installed on top of existing pallet racking, industrial shelving, and office spaces. This can keep your marijuana clean and off of the floor or generally, keep your substance safe.

Many cannabis businesses use them as additional storage space, office space, and breakroom areas. They can be fully customized and are a cost-effective way to increase the space of your warehouse or facility.

Modular Offices for Cannabis Warehouses

Do you need to create extra rooms, offices, or clean rooms inside your cannabis facility? If so, modular offices are optimal solutions.

As with mezzanines, modular offices can be designed to suit your company’s specific needs. What’s even better, is that the expert team at DACO has been educated in the laws and regulations surrounding the cannabis industry.

Using this knowledge, we can help you build specially designed spaces that are suitable to the sensitive needs of marijuana growth, storage, and processing. Some of the best benefits of modular offices in cannabis warehouses include:

  • Easy expansion as your business grows
  • Simplified compliance with state regulations
  • Better accommodations for automation technology
  • Budget-friendly growth options for your facility

Durable Metal Shelving

Whether you’re looking for improved ways to store products, materials, or tools in your cannabis warehouses, our industry-leading team is here to help. We offer a vast number of customizable metal shelving solutions that are ideal for businesses in the cannabis industry.

One of the best things about our collection of metal shelving products is the direct access they’ll provide your employees to your products. This will not only ensure better care of your delicate plants, but will also help streamline operations and increase productivity in your facility.

Metal shelving units are easy-to-install, versatile, and affordable. As your needs change, they’re also easy to breakdown and reconfigure or move.

High-Quality Pallet Racking Products

Whether you’re looking to store long-term equipment or products with a high turnover rate, pallet racking might be an ideal solution for any cannabis warehouses.

These flexible devices are one of the most popular commercial storage options available. Not only do they maximize square footage, improve workplace productivity, and enhance access to products, but they also provide top-notch warehouse safety.

These commercial storage systems can even be built in connection with other machinery and equipment, such as conveyors.

Pallet racking is available in several different styles, including:

  • Push Back Pallet Racking
  • Pallet Flow Pallet Racking
  • Selective Pallet Racking
  • Drive-In and Drive-Thru Pallet Racking
  • And Many More

Designing the Ideal Cannabis Warehouses

While it’s easy to see the unique benefits of products like pallet racking and modular offices, many business owners feel confused about how to put them all together.

Thankfully, our elite team of commercial design experts is also here to help you create a functional workplace that maximizes efficiency and offers an improved flow of operations. Our crew will work closely with your team to develop an understanding of your needs. From there, they will identify the best products, systems, and layouts to enhance your operations.

Learn More About Creating the Ideal Warehouse Space for Your Cannabis Facility

You don’t have to settle for a subpar workspace. By building custom cannabis warehouses, you will reap more benefits than you can imagine. From reduced labor costs to faster turnaround times, having the right equipment in your facility can make a significant difference.

If you’re interested in learning more about what types of mezzanines, modular offices, metal shelving, and pallet racking are right for your business, DACO is here to help guide you through the process.

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