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When you’ve run out of floor space in your warehouse, you may think it’s time to get a bigger place. Before making a rushed decision, consider that the answer to your problem may be right above you. All you need to do is look up.

If the room you’re using to store your products has high ceilings, you may be in luck. With warehouse mezzanines, you can increase storage space significantly, by utilizing unused vertical space.

Whether you’re running out of space or looking for innovative ways to utilize your current warehouse, keep reading to see if mezzanines are right for you.

What Are Warehouse Mezzanines?

Mezzanines, also known as equipment platforms, are an economical option to adding storage space. They can add a second or third level of storage space to an existing facility.

There are three methods used to create mezzanines:

  • Structural steel columns
  • Pallet racking
  • Industrial shelving units

A specialist can determine which option is best for your location and needs.

They Help You Become More Efficient

Warehouse mezzanines are not only cost-efficient, but they also assist with operational efficiency. Instead of working out the logistics of multiple facilities, you can create a functional operation that will help employees get to the items quicker.

The automotive industry is a prime example of the great logistical use of these systems. Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) are used to categorize items and create an organized shelving system based on the size of the auto parts.

With today’s technology, workers can locate the items they are looking for, which makes processing orders faster.

Use Your Space for Other Opportunities

Installing mezzanine platforms can free up your floor space, so you can use it as an office or breakroom for warehouse staff.

If you have an offsite warehouse or one located away from the main facilities, you could be wasting valuable time by having employees going back and forth.

With the additional space you acquire with a mezzanine system, you may be able to give the team their own office.

This move alone can create cost savings and cut down on the time spent in transit.

Systems Can Be Adjusted to Fit Your Needs

Aside from saving you money, space, and time, warehouse mezzanines have one more perk. The units can be designed and adjusted to fit your specific needs.

Not all business needs are the same. What may work for one company, may not work for all. Mezzanines can be custom designed to fit your specific needs, which can include rack or shelving units that actually act as the foundation of the mezzanine.

Your operation may need shelving units to accommodate your inventory. A re-work of the manufacturing flow will have a tremendous outcome on operations.

Free up Your Space the Smart Way

Now you know how to save space and improve your operations. Regardless of your needs, consider hiring a professional to get the job done right.

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