Shipping & Receiving Modular Offices

Shipping & Receiving Modular Office
Shipping & Receiving Modular Office 2

A large majority of companies these days have a designated shipping and receiving area in their facility, usually located near the loading dock, so they are able to oversee the loading and unloading of trucks.  Modular offices can provide a comfortable, secure and isolated work environment for them to work in, buffering them from other activities and commotion going on around them.

These offices can house their desks, printers, scales, supplies, packaging stations and other equipment that they use on a daily basis, allowing everything to be at their fingertips. They usually feature large windows so personnel can see out, easily allowing them to monitor any activity going on around the loading dock.

If space allows, you can also set-up an area outside the shipping office for your product to be staged while waiting for them to be shipped out or received and put into inventory.

Waiting Area’s

If the modular office is large enough, they can also be designed to provide a separate waiting area for the truck drivers to sit, while their trucks are being loaded or off loaded.  Comfortable seating, as well as refreshments can be provided, while they wait.

Quick and Easy Installation

The simplicity of these shipping & receiving area modular offices allows them to be constructed in no time; and just as easily be relocated to a different area if needed.

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