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Pallet racking systems are excellent investments in any storage facility or warehouse. However, pallet racks can eventually become damaged and may require repair. Failing to perform these repairs in time can eventually lead to further damage to the racks themselves, the product stacked upon them, or potentially lead to injuries to your employees. Expert assistance, such as that from Applied Handling NW, should be consulted when performing pallet rack repair.

What Is Pallet Rack Repair?

Pallet rack repair is a series of operations undertaken to repair weak or damaged pallet racks. They often require an inspection of the damaged area or the entire pallet rack, followed by a quote for exact repair costs.

Once a quote has been settled, a repair component or support component will be added to ensure safety for the duration of the repair efforts. Lift equipment is often used to support a weakened pallet rack.

Once it has been supported, the damaged area will be cut away and replaced by fresh, well-made pallet rack pieces or segments. These pieces are usually bolted into place. The lift will be removed after repairs are done.

What To Look For To Determine If Your Pallet Racks Need Repair

There are a few different things you can look for to keep tabs on your pallet racks. Watching for the signs can save you time and money since you’ll be able to get to repairs before they become too drastic.

Look for:

  • Bent beams: these are often a sign of overloading or poor part construction.
  • Tilted racks: these can often be a result of poor product stacking or weak beams.
  • Overloaded racks: these often lead to eventual damage as the pallet rack support structure will eventually buckle under too much weight.
  • User error in assembly: poor rack assembly can lead to inefficient weight distribution and potential danger.
  • Dents or physical damage: these are often a sign that a forklift or other vehicle recently caused damage to the rack, which may have compromised its structure.

What Causes The Damage?

Pallet rack damage is primarily caused in a few different ways.

  • User error: this can be as simple as an employee accidentally dropping something too heavy on a pallet rack or stacking product in dangerous or ineffective ways.
  • Overloading: overloading product can increase the strain on pallet racks to the point where their support struts and structures start to degrade and bend.
  • Altered pallets/part mixing: pallet racks can be damaged if amateur repairs are made by combining different parts from different pallet racks.
  • Forklifts: it’s also far too easy for an employee to accidentally ram a forklift into a pallet rack. This can damage the support structure or the actual pallet shelves of the rack.

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