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Your Space-Saving Solution Guide Part 1: Metal Shelving Units

metal shelving units

Is your business considering using metal shelving units to optimize your space, increase your productivity, and grow your business? These units are your ally in saving space and optimizing business productivity, plus they are cost-effective, easy to assemble, and adjustable for a wide range of storage types.

Metal shelving units are a custom solution for your unique business. No matter what type of products you sell, pack or produce, your business can utilize its space more effectively with these long-lasting, high-performance shelving units.

What Are Metal Shelving Units?

Metal shelving units are a type of shelving unit that is made of metal. Unlike other types of shelving units, these units are durable, long-lasting, and heavy-duty to fit a wide range of needs. There are many types of metal shelving units available on the market today, including automotive units, boltless units, open and closed units, multi-tier units, modular drawers and cabinets, and metal storage cabinets.

Metal shelving units are ideal for small parts storage, record archive storage, multi-level catwalks, tire storage, battery storage, backroom retail shelving, shoe box storage, medical record storage, auto parts shelving, and more. Whether you are a warehouse in the cannabis industry or an auto parts store, these units are a great solution for increased productivity and efficiency.

Benefits Of Metal Shelving Units

Since they are made of industrial-grade metal, these units are the best shelving units for holding weight. The weight range limits can be anywhere from 250 lbs. to several thousand lbs., which are useful for a wide range of businesses, parts, and products.

Since they are adjustable, they can hold both large, heavy items or small items stored in containers. You can transition your units from holding small items to large items quickly and easily. They allow businesses of all shapes and sizes to declutter aisles and store fragile items out of hazardous areas.

They improve the flow of warehouses in a wide range of industries, increase capacity limits, and are an overall aid in saving space. They also increase product visibility, which allows for easy picking and increased productivity.

Metal shelving units are easy to assemble, and with many types, there is no hardware needed to assemble. The units consist of beams, posts, t-ports, and shelving material. Metal shelving units are a cost-effective, long-term storage solution that is available at an affordable price.

If your business is on a budget, but also wants to grow, these units are a cost-effective space-saving investment that will last a lifetime.

Get Metal Shelving Units For Your Workplace Today

If your workplace is ready for metal shelving units, DACO has you covered. We can help you find the right units for your workplace and needs. We can design a custom solution for you, as well as provide installation.

We are your one-stop-shop.

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