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Storage Solutions with Metal Shelving

metal shelving

Metal shelving is a great organizational addition to any business. They are even useful at home in a garage or basement. No matter where you choose to put your metal shelving, you will be able to know that the shelves will not only succeed in being functional but will last for years.

What Constitutes Metal Shelving?

Businesses use metal shelving to store all types of merchandise, tools, and more. Metal shelving can be specifically made to fit your space needs and can even be bolted to the floor for safety. Typically made of solid steel, it can also be made to fit your business’s individual needs, as well as your home organization needs.

Metal Shelving is a vital part of many businesses, from retail stores to parts manufacturers. There’s no better way to store merchandise in a way that saves space, organizes, and is easy to access. The bottom line: metal shelving can be made to fit the needs of your business and allows for easy storage of anything you need to store.

Types of Metal Shelving

There’s more than just one style of metal shelving– There’s plenty of options to choose from. Before you start planning how you want your metal shelving to function, let’s briefly take a look at the types of metal shelving available:

Open & Closed Metal Shelving: There is an option to leave your metal shelving open-air or closed on any of its sides. You may want either the back or front to just be open while every other side is closed. Open and closed metal shelving can also be made to fit storage cabinets, drawers, or bins in the exact size needed.

Boltless Metal Shelving: DACO offers easy-to-install boltless metal shelving units. If you prefer metal shelving to be bolted down, the only additional tool required is a rubber mallet.

Automotive and Mobile Shelving Systems: Metal shelving can have movable parts that work well for a busy workplace. Both the automotive and mobile shelving concepts allow for increased customization to fit your needs.

Multi-tier Metal Shelving: This type of metal shelving is when units are stacked on top of each other to create even more space inside a building. Multi-tier shelving systems are perfect for storing awkwardly shaped items. Not to mention, this storage solution can save money by fully utilizing the warehouse space.

Benefits to Using Metal Shelving for Storage

Whether your business is in the market for metal shelving or it has outdated shelving currently installed, there are many benefits for investing in metal shelving units. Here are some examples of why using metal shelving will improve your storage capabilities:

Cost-Effective: Though they may seem like a daunting and expensive task, the installation of metal shelves is a simple process of planning and relativelylow-cost installation. Not to mention, after installing the metal shelving, your business will become more cost-effective because everything will be organized more efficiently.

Easy to Assemble: If your business has the capabilities to self-install, metal shelving is made to be easy to put together. However, if you do not have the capabilities at your warehouse or business to make this kind of installation, it is as simple as finding the right supplier that will not only help you with the necessary permits but perform the installation for you.

Metal isn’t Susceptible to Mold: In comparison to wooden shelves, moisture is a lot less likely to cause mildew residue or mold build-up on metal shelving. Steel, for example, is less porous than wood and so it’s more protective from exposure to mold spores. When mold enters a building, it can be devastating. In some cases, after mild exposure, everything has to be thrown away. Many builders of houses are even turning to use steel instead of wood to build framing.

Need to Organize the Garage? Metal shelving doesn’t just have its purpose for businesses. Metal shelving can be an easy way to organize your garage or basement and get everything off the floor and onto a clean and easy to organize shelf. Concrete walls don’t always work in your favor when you’re trying to hang things, but metal shelving can be just what your cluttered garage is missing.

Why Choose Metal Shelving?

Metal shelving is a simple solution to solve your organizational problems. We have mentioned how it can be personalized for your use, self-installed or professionally installed, and made in many different durable materials.

Finally, it’s a good time to get metal shelving. If you need a change in your business towards more organizational functioning, if your current shelving unit is breaking down, or if it’s simply not working at your productivity level, it’s time to invest in a quality metal shelving system.

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